MPN: SI-AR-Shift


  • Less steps needed to remove pins
  • Eliminates the need for a pin punch
  • Locks into place securely
  • Innovative QD rotation feature for quick rifle assembly and disassembly
  • Nearly tool less assembly and removal
  • Comes with enhanced detent pins for easier assembly and removal
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Available in Black, Gold, and Chrome


  • Material: Steel
  • Weight:
    • Takedown Pin: 0.25 oz.
    • Pivot Pin: 0.28 oz.
  • Finish:
    • Black: Black Oxide
    • Gold: Gold Plating
    • Chrome: Chrome Plating
  • Length:
    • Takedown Pin: 1.08"
    • Pivot Pin: 1.31"


  • AR-15


  • 1x Strike Industries Shift Takedown Pin
  • 1x Strike Industries Shift Pivot Pin
  • 2x Enhanced Detents


Strike Industries SHIFT Pins



For its time period, the takedown pin disassembly method for the AR was revolutionary. With a carry handle on top of the early receiver, field stripping an AR was more like opening a suitcase, than a military weapon. Pushing out the takedown pin opened the rear of the receiver for inspection and cleaning. Pushing both AR-15 takedown and pivot pins allowed it to be reduced to a very concealable package. But installing and removing the takedown required a tool. A pin punch is a preferred tool. More often, in the field, a cartridge was the usual tool. But field expediency often saw the use of pens, keys, twigs, and as some will claim, the occasional swizzle stick. Of course, such was the beauty of the AR design, that all these improvised tools would work. The problem was, you had to have such a tool ready at hand when you needed it.

From Revolutionary to Evolutionary

Installing Strike Industries Shift Pins means you will need no special tools to take down your AR. No tools needed means no tools you have to look for and no tools you might drop. even after you’ve found them. That’s something worth considering for dark and stormy nights.

Easy to Grip

Unlike Mil-Spec and some aftermarket pins, Strike Industries Shift Pins have an angular, not a round head. Their flat surfaces are easy to grip. All it takes to remove them is finger pressure. CNC machined from steel, Strike Industries AR-15 takedown pins fit Mil-Spec and many billet receivers.


Strike Industries SHIFT Pins Installation

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