• Different Shim sizes for perfect timing


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Raw Steel
  • Outer Diameter: 0.85"
  • Inner Diameter: 0.635"


  • 1x Large Shim (180 degrees rotation)
  • 8x Medium Shims (45 degrees rotation)
  • 1x Small Shim (even finer adjustment)

Note: This set is designed only to use on 5/8"x24 threaded barrels.


Every gun guy has wished that there was a better way to do one thing or another when he was in the middle of a build. One of the most frequent complaints out there has got to be the hassle of mounting muzzle devices. Crush and peel washers are an irritation at best, and a complete nightmare at their worst. So what’s a guy supposed to do? Primary Weapons Systems has a simple answer to that question. The PWS 5/8x24 Muzzle Device Alignment Shim Kit takes all of the blood sweat and tears out of the process of muzzle device installation.

The Primary Weapons Systems Shim Kit is a Muzzle Device Alignment Set that allows the armorer to easily time and apply the muzzle device of your choosing without the hassle of peel washers. Forget the anxiety you have about mounting muzzle devices. When you use PWS’s muzzle brake shims installing your muzzle device is very straight forward.

The PWS Shim Kit is a set of quality muzzle brake shims that comes in a variety of specially calculated thicknesses that are designed to help you to time your muzzle device correctly without a lot of preamble. If you need a half turn of adjustment, simply add a large shim. If you need a spacer for a build that doesn’t have a relief cut before the threads, a large shim is exactly what you need there too. The second size of shim will back your device off 45 degrees. If you need to adjust things in smaller increments, the number 3 shim will be your best friend. In every Primary Weapons System Alignment kit you’ll receive 8 size-2 shims as well as one size-1 and one size-3 muzzle break shim. Simply choose the combination of shims that will align your muzzle device where you want it. You’ll want to remember that the difference between hand and wrench tight is about thirty degrees and take that into account when you make your selections.

Whether you’re mounting a muzzle break, compensator or one of PWS’ compensating flash hiders, you’ll find the Primary Weapons Systems Muzzle Device Alignment Set is an evolutionary step beyond crush washers and prayer. Strength Through Evolution, it’s the Primary Weapons System way. Because It’s Time.

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