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Primary Weapons Systems

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS)

Some companies believe in evolution, others make it happen. Primary Weapons Systems is a company that does what it believes. From the revolutionary MK1 PWS upper receiver to complimentary accessories like their Precision Rifle Compensator Series, everything Primary Weapons Systems sends to market is created with the same ideals in mind. PWS strives to create products that outperform the competition with longer service life and far less required maintenance than the norm. They seek to provide the firearms community with the highest quality products at a great value to the user. PWS wants to create lifelong relationships with like-minded customers and requires nothing less from their distributors. We, at Wing Tactical, are proud to join forces with Primary Weapons Systems to bring the next generation of tactical innovation and high end AR15 to you.

Dedication to Evolution

Primary Weapons Systems’ dedication to the evolution of modern firearms is exemplified by their MK1 series upper receivers. The PWS Upper is an idea that’s time has come. It marries the best qualities of the AK47 and M4/M16-type weapon systems to create a long piston driven AR weapon system that possesses the reliability of the AK and the ergonomic qualities of the AR platform. The PWS MK1 presents the firearms community with an operating system that hinges on a single-unit that joins the bolt carrier group and floating piston head with an operating rod to create a single piece moving assembly that can stand up to heavy use under variable conditions with far less maintenance than either short piston-driven AR systems or impingement systems.

The performance and ergonomic considerations designed into the PWS MK1 MOD1 are impressive enough to make converts of even the most dyed-in-the-wool direct impingement system fans, but Primary Weapons Systems’ belief in strength through evolution isn’t something that’s going to fall by the wayside. The PWS MK1 MOD2 continues the forward evolution of the series with a sleeker, lighter weight receiver body while maintaining the superior strength of a forged receiver. They’ve simplified gas adjustment settings and added their own PicMod® rail that will accept either Picatinny or KeyMOD based accessories without the hassle of adding adaptors to your accessories.

PWS Piston Upper

Commitments to the Shooters

Primary Weapons Systems is a company of shooters who believe that it’s their obligation to continue improving their offerings with the operator in mind. PWS offers accessories designed to serve the operator in both the open field and close quarters combat. While some might argue that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, PWS has used small adjustments to make improvements that have a huge impact on your day in the field. The added width at the six o’clock of the Primary Weapons Systems Precision Rifle Compensator relieves the prone shooter from the annoyance and visual obstruction of dust printing. The urban combatant is also on PWS' radar. The design of their CQB compensator series manages the overpressure produced in the compensation process by projecting the blast forward, saving your team from the added punishment of concussion on firing.


Better Together

When two companies that share common goals work together, everyone benefits. Wing Tactical is honored to count Primary Weapons Systems among the fine manufacturers who have joined with us to provide the small arms community with the best value in high-end AR15 products. Whether you’re a member of the Law Enforcement Community, Our Nation’s Military, a competition shooter, or a casual sportsman, we believe you deserve the best products your money can buy and dedicated customer service to back it up. Together, Wing Tactical and PWS make it a simple matter for you to access the best tactical weapons products in the world. Give Yourself an Edge with Wing Tactical and Primary Weapons Systems, Because It’s Time!