MPN: 2A-BTU6-1 / 2A-BTA6-1


  • 8-position adjustment for finer spaced length of pull
  • Mil-Spec extension diameter
  • Carbine length
  • Extended carrier support flange that supports the carrier for better anti-tilt performance
  • Self-aligns with the buffer detent
  • Chamfered edges on the stock guide ramps for better feel
  • Vented


  • Material: Billet Aluminum
  • Weight: 3.65 oz.
  • Finish: Type III Class 2 Hardcoat Anodize


  • AR-15


  • 2A Armament Buffer Tube
    • 1x Mil-Spec 8-position buffer tube
  • 2A Armament Buffer Tube Assembly
    • 1x Mil-Spec 8-position buffer tube
    • 1x Castle nut
    • 1x Lightweight QD End Plate


Mil-Spec doesn’t have to mean run of the mill. When you’re ready to build a quality rifle or you want to upgrade parts on your existing Mil-Spec rifle, there’s no reason to settle for the poor fitment of impact extruded or forged parts. Case in point: the 2A Armament Mil-Spec AR-15 Buffer Tube Assembly, it may be a Mil-Spec AR-15 Buffer Tube, but it’s much more than that.

2A Armament machines each one of these Mil-spec buffer tubes from a high-quality aluminum billet to correct specifications, they’re not just pushed through a die for a “close enough” fit. No, the 2A buffer tube won’t leave you trying to fit an egg-shaped tube to a round threaded lower. Tighter tolerances for concentricity also promise you won’t suffer issues with the carrier binding issues that sometimes crop up with inferior forged and extruded tubes.

The benefits of 2A Armament’s attention to detail don’t stop with simple fitment. The 2A AR-15 buffer tube features a longer support flange to better support the carrier and prevents excess tilting. Precision machining allows the tube to easily align with the buffer detent without forcing or turning back. Even the edges of the stock guide ramps have been given a little extra attention. They’re chamfered to guide the stock smoothly, giving your rifle a premium feel.

The 2A Mil-Spec buffer tube is marked by the manufacturer with eight individual positions that are easy to see through the viewing port of most adjustable stocks. With easy to read markings and a greater variety of adjustment increments you’ll be able to set your length of pull for maximum comfort, allowing you to concentrate on the shot rather than getting in a good shooting position.

In addition to the buffer tube itself, you will also receive a quality light weight latch plate and castle nut (Optional). The entire assembly is Hard Anodized to Type III Class 2 specs for long service in the field without corrosion or flaking.

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