Aero Precision AR Rifle Length A2 Buffer Tube

Aero Precision AR Rifle Length A2 Buffer Tube

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  • Mil-Spec rifle-length receiver extension
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • AR-15 and AR-10


If you need a rifle-length buffer tube for your rifle, look no further! Aero Precision has created a rifle length A2 buffer tube that will meet the most rigorous tests you can throw at it. As the owner of an AR15 (one that maybe you designed and built yourself), you understand the importance of choosing products that are not cheap. The amount of time invested in designing the rifle and the cost of the equipment itself are in themselves indicators of the critical need for well-made parts. Never settle for less than the best when it comes to your AR rifle.

The type of buffer tube you purchase will depend on the configuration of your rifle. Fixed buttstock A2 style rifles will use a smooth cylindrical buffer tube with a longer buffer spring and a longer buffer. The telescoping adjustable buttstock used with carbine rifles consists of a buffer tube with a tab extending the entire length of the tube. This tab corresponds with a slot in the buttstock of the carbine. The buffers and buffer springs for carbine-length ARs are significantly shorter than those for A2 rifles.

The A2 buffer tube designed by Aero Precision is made to military-level specifications and is compatible with A2 and A4 style rifles with fixed buttstocks. This product is ideal for replacement and for brand-new builds. Keep in mind that a buffer tube designed for fixed buttstocks will not work with collapsible buttstocks. This rifle length buffer tube is made in the United States to the highest industry standards.

Buffer tubes are designed to absorb the shock from the bolt after the rifle is fired. The spring within the buffer tube returns the bolt to the firing position. The buffer tube must be sturdy enough to withstand the immense stress caused by the reversing bolt when the rifle is fired. Because this part of your rifle is so vital, you will want to be sure that you choose to purchase from a highly trusted and reliable company such as Aero Precision. Their company name says it all.

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7 Reviews

  • Fabulous Machining and Anodizing!

    Posted by Richard Runez on 17th May 2021

    Aero Precision produces excellent products, and these tubes are no exception!

    Special thanks to Wing Tactical for packing them well!

    Got them in a timely manner too!

  • best quality, best price

    Posted by Dean Anderberg on 28th Jan 2021

    needed a replacement

  • price

    Posted by Charles on 13th Dec 2020

    shopped many places and found the best pricing here

  • Aero precision buffer tube

    Posted by Ken on 15th Apr 2020

    Perfect fit , light , worked well for Double star Ace ultralight stock

  • Perfect fit and function

    Posted by JoBoo on 1st Mar 2020

    Bought this to convert a carbine AR into a rifle length system. Installed a JP silent capture spring inside and a Magpul PRS Gen 3 on the outside and everything fit perfectly. Couldn’t be happy with the finished results.

  • High quality, good price.

    Posted by Paul on 9th Aug 2019

    I am very pleased with this A2 buffer tube. It’s got a nice smooth finish, not the dull parkerizing like some of the other tubes. The threads were clean, as was the machining all over. Works great on my Ar10.

  • High quality at a great price

    Posted by Chris on 27th Jan 2018

    After buying several Aero Precision parts, and now receiving my Buffer tube from them I have been impressed with the degree of machining accuracy. The buffer tube itself has beautiful clean threads with no evidence of machine marks or burrs. Very smooth uniform finish that installed effortlessly into my lower Reciever with just one drop of oil. It’s is a tight flush fit and I couldn’t be happier with it. I Highly recommend any Aero Precision parts to anyone building their own AR from scratch. It will keep the cost down and still perform and look great.

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