MPN: APRH100194C


  • MIL-Spec rifle-length receiver extension
  • Accepts A2 style fixed stocks
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized 


  • AR-15 and AR-10


If you need a rifle-length buffer tube for your rifle, look no further than the Aero Precision AR Rifle Length A2 Buffer Tube. It’s an A2 rifle buffer tube that will always pass the most rigorous tests. As the owner of an AR-15, you understand just how important it is to choose well-made products for it, and this buffer tube fits into this category. Aero Precision spent a lot of time designing it and putting it through the proper testing to ensure it delivers the expected results.

Choosing the Right Type of Buffer Tube for Your AR-15

The type of buffer tube you purchase for your AR-15 should depend on its configuration. Fixed buttstock A2-style rifles will rely on a smooth cylindrical buffer tube with a longer buffer spring and a longer buffer. Meanwhile, the telescoping adjustable buttstock used with a carbine rifle will consist of a buffer tube with a tab that extends the entire length of the tube. This tab corresponds with a slot in the buttstock of the carbine. The buffers and buffer springs for carbine-length ARs are significantly shorter than those for A2 rifles.

The Aero Precision AR Rifle Length A2 Buffer Tube is an excellent firearm accessory for rifle owners in that it’s made to military-level specifications and is compatible with A2 and A4 style rifles with fixed buttstocks. This product is ideal for both replacements and brand-new builds. Just be sure that you keep in mind that a buffer tube made for fixed buttstocks will not work with collapsible buttstocks.

What This Buffer Tube Will Do for You

Buffer tubes like the Aero Precision AR Rifle Length A2 Buffer Tube are built to absorb the shock from a rifle’s bolt after the firearm is fired. The spring within the buffer tube also returns the bolt to the firing position. Therefore, a buffer tube must be sturdy enough to withstand the immense stress that is caused by the recoiling bolt. Because this part of your rifle is so vital, you’ll want to make sure you choose to purchase an A2 rifle buffer tube manufactured by a highly trusted and reliable company like Aero Precision. It’ll protect you and your rifle and help your firearm to perform up to your lofty standards.

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