• Designed to suit the needs of performance-based shooters
  • Multiple buffer weights included for multiple possibilities of weight combinations
  • Comes with standard H1 to H3 weight distribution
  • Can be adjusted to the specific weight needs of the shooter
  • Adjustable system allows quickly matching the action of the gun to desired performance
  • Added mass for reduced recoil
  • Optimal size and weight for increased reliability, accuracy and performance
  • O-ring is to keep the buffer head from walking out
  • For use in standard AR-15 that utilize a carbine-length buffer


  • Material:
    • Buffer Body: 7075 Aluminum
    • Buffer Head: 7075 Aluminum
    • Buffer Weight: 6061 Aluminum, S45 Steel, Tungsten, POM
  • Weight: 1.7 to 5.2 oz. (Adjustable)
  • Actual Weight:
    • AR-15 Buffer Head and Body: 0.92 oz.
    • Aluminum Weight: 0.21 oz.
    • Steel Weight: 0.63 oz.
    • POM Weight: 0.11 oz.
    • Tungsten Weight: 1.45 oz.


  • AR-15 with carbine-length buffer tube


  • 1x Strike Industries Optimus Modular Weight AR Buffer Body
  • 1x Strike Industries Optimus Modular Weight AR Buffer Head
  • 2x Aluminum Weight
  • 2x Steel Weight
  • 3x POM Weight
  • 2x Tungsten Weights
  • 1x Rubber O-Ring
  • 6x Rubber Spacers

Follow the Chart below to customize your buffer to your preferred weight:




One of the most impressive features of the AR-15 platform is the endless ways an individual can customize a rifle system in the quest for the perfect firearm. While there are lots of part swaps that can have a positive effect of the overall performance of your AR, few have such immediate results as the change of AR15 buffer weight. If you’re a hands-on shooter and you really enjoy tuning your own firearm, the Strike Industries Optimus Modular Weight AR Buffer should be next on your acquisition list.

Flexibility When And Where You Want It

Anyone can separate an upper to access the buffer in an AR system, that’s nothing new, changing buffers is a simple task. The Optimus Modular Weight AR Buffer from Strike Industries offers a field ready alternative to changing out multiple weighted buffers when you want to fine-tune your system. Change loads and want a different buffer weight? No Problem, remove the Optimus buffer, open it and make the change you want.

The Strike Industries Optimus Modular Weight AR Buffer features interchangeable solid tungsten internal weights and rubber spacers. You have complete control and security. Once you’ve loaded the desired weight and spacer sequence, simply reclose the Optimus by placing the o-ring and screw the end back on the buffer. This is how modular buffering works, flawlessly.

Strike Industries Is A Trusted Manufacturer

At Wing Tactical, we only work with manufacturers who offer the best quality parts for your projects at the best values. Strike Industries has the longevity and technical excellence that you can count on for the long haul. We’re proud to bring first-class upgrades like the Optimus Modular AR15 Buffer to our family of discerning shooters. Strike Industries and Wing Tactical, the perfect way to Give Yourself an Edge.

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