Strike Industries AR Modular Magazine Release

Strike Industries AR Modular Magazine Release

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  • Quick and simple way to configure the mag release button to one of three options
  • Removing the mag catch is not required to change the button
  • Easy swap between buttons with a screw driver
  • Comes with standard, extended, and oversized buttons for personal liking or specific mission
  • Textured mag buttons for positive feel and manipulation


  • Weight:
    • Magazine Catch: 0.35 oz.
    • Magazine Release Button (Standard): 0.12 oz.
    • Magazine Release Button (Extended): 0.14 oz.
    • Magazine Release Button (Oversized): 0.18 oz.
  • Finish:
    • Magazine Catch: Parkerized
    • Magazine Release Button: Anodized
  • Material:
    • Magazine Catch: Steel
    • Magazine Release Button Shaft Sleeve: SUS630 Stainless Steel
    • Magazine Release Button: Polymer
    • Magazine Release Button Adapter: SUS630 Stainless Steel


  • AR-15 and DPMs AR-10 pattern receivers that accept mil-spec magazine catches


  • 1x Strike Industries AR Modular Magazine Release Catch
  • 1x Standard Magazine Release Button
  • 1x Extended Magazine Release Button
  • 1x Oversized Magazine Release Button
  • 1x Magazine Button Adapter
  • 1x Magazine Catch Shaft Sleeve
  • 1x Magazine Release Spring



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