• Quick and simple way to configure the mag release button to one of four options
  • Removing the mag catch is not required to change the button
  • Easy swap between buttons with a screw driver
  • Comes with standard, extended, and left and right oversized buttons for personal liking or specific mission
  • Textured mag buttons for positive feel and manipulation


  • Weight:
    • Magazine Catch: 0.35 oz.
    • Magazine Release Button (Standard): 0.12 oz.
    • Magazine Release Button (Extended): 0.14 oz.
    • Magazine Release Button (Oversized): 0.18 oz.
  • Finish:
    • Magazine Catch: Parkerized
    • Magazine Release Button: Anodized
  • Material:
    • Magazine Catch: Steel
    • Magazine Release Button Shaft Sleeve: SUS630 Stainless Steel
    • Magazine Release Button: Polymer
    • Magazine Release Button Adapter: SUS630 Stainless Steel


  • AR-15 and DPMS AR-10 pattern receivers that accept mil-spec magazine catches


  • 1x Strike Industries AR Modular Magazine Release Catch
  • 1x Standard Magazine Release Button
  • 1x Extended Magazine Release Button
  • 1x Oversized Magazine Release Button
  • 1x Magazine Button Adapter
  • 1x Magazine Catch Shaft Sleeve
  • 1x Magazine Release Spring


Strike Industries AR Modular Magazine Release



Customize your AR-15 or AR-10 with the Strike Industries Modular Magazine Release and improve your quick reload speed with one of the three ergonomically designed mag button release options. This drop-in-ready upgrade will improve your shooting performance and be an integral part of your next competition, or custom AR rifle build.

Strike Industries Superior Quality and Convenience

The Strike Industries Modular Magazine Release is designed for function and convenience. Easily installed with a drop-in ready design, this modular mag release has standard, extended, and oversized mag button release options. These buttons are easily swapped out with just a screwdriver without having to remove the spring, magazine catch, or shaft. This makes it perfect for the range where you can quickly change the mag release button and evaluate which one works best for you. Strike Industries combine lightweight with strength and durability. The mag buttons are manufactured from lightweight polymer, while the release button shaft and adapter are stainless steel, and the magazine catch is steel ensuring the upgrade will last.

Improve Your Performance

Upgrading your AR rifle with the Strike Industries Modular Magazine Release will give you optimum control and consistency when performing quick reloads, allowing you to put more rounds on target in rapid succession. The magazine release buttons are textured to give you a positive feel and are ergonomically designed to ensure you never miss the mag release. Because they are so easy to switch out, you can easily practice with each button at the range to discover which option works best for your shooting and reloading style. For your next AR-10 or AR-15 upgrade, choose the Strike Industries AR Modular Magazine Release.

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Reviews (1)

  • Feels great but a little too much wiggle

    Posted by C. Smith on 2nd Mar 2021

    I've installed this mag release kit on 2 different AR builds. Install was pretty simple except it can be tricky sliding the optional buttons onto the underneath button. You can see that in Strike Industries install video. Each optional button feels fantastic. Mags catch and drop perfectly. This whole setup has one issue that some may not like. The underneath button that the main buttons slide upon is a few mm too small in diameter. This leads to some wiggle that some may find annoying especially since a mil-spec button basically doesn't move. You don't notice this much with the attached extended buttons but in my opinion that's the only thing keeping this setup from being perfect.

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