• Dedicated 9mm buffer
  • Smoother and more reliable cycling
  • Extended length eliminates the problem of breaking bolt catches
  • Decrease the amount of gas in your face when shooting suppressed
  • Laser engraved Spider logo


  • Material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Raw
  • Weight: 7.7 oz.
  • Length: 4.11"


  • 9mm AR-15


There are a number of different things that can help the performance of many rifles that are often overlooked. In some cases, changing out a buffer may help a rifle to cycle properly or improve other issues that are frequently encountered. Like many other tactical weapons, the 9mm AR has some special quirks all its own, including the tendency to break bolt catches. In order to combat that problem and help the 9mm operate as it should, Spikes Tactical has developed the ST-9X 9mm heavy buffer.

Extra Long to Save That Bolt Catch

The 9mm AR has some issues all its own. One of those is the tendency to break bolt catches. This happens because the 9mm just doesn’t need the full bolt travel distance that the 223 AR does. That extra travel means the bolt gets a running start on the bolt catch and whamo! Busted catch. To put this little problem to rest and save extra wear on your AR the fine folks at Spike’s Tactical have designed the Spikes ST-9X 9mm Buffer. The ST-9X is longer than a standard buffer so it reduces the total travel of your bolt to save the life of your bolt catch and relieve your system of the abuse that that extra slop can cause.

A Purpose-Built Spikes Tactical 9mm Buffer

Spikes ST-9X is built specifically for 9mm AR rifles using a carbine length buffer tube. It’s a heavy 7.7-ounce buffer crafted from 303 U.S. Stainless Steel. It’s exterior features a fine finish and is imprinted with the model number for positive identification later on. Spike’s Spider Logo is laser etched into the buffer face to remind you Spike’s Tactical has your 6.

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