MPN: SAG0701


  • Drop-in pistol grip upgrade for AR platform weapons
  • Front and rear straps for enhanced weapon control
  • Both sides of the grip features Spike's Tactical spider logo


  • Material: Polymer
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 2.4 oz.


  • AR-15 and AR-10


When you are looking for a quality pistol grip to complete your AR lower build there are countless different options on the market. Some of them come with inserts designed to hold batteries or gun oil, others include hinged bottom plates with no specific intention. You can have a grip with super-aggressive texture or deep cushioned finger grooves. The question is do you really want all that in your AR pistol grip? When you’re ready to bypass all of that nonsense and you want a straightforward grip that does what it’s supposed to without extra bells and whistles you’re not going to use, Spike's Tactical Pistol Grip is the one for you.

Spikes Tactical Spider Grip

Spike's Tactical Pistol Grip is a solidly designed, ergonomically correct pistol grip that won’t blow your cover with an extra rattle when you can’t afford it. No plug plate or inserts mean there’s nothing to come loose at a bad time, and nothing extra to secure when seconds count.

The leading edge of the Spike’s Tactical Pistol Grip is textured for positive traction in adverse conditions. This grip is designed without the extra finger grooves other manufacturers add. Even the largest fingers slip deftly in place around this grip, ready to work. There is no slowdown or awkward grip because you aren’t a natural match for the manufacturer’s model hand. The texture on the rear edge of the grip marries well with the hand, adding traction for a steady grip without digging into your thumb web. Solid ergonomic design without over-engineering makes this grip a winner for real-world operation.

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