Tactical Link PDW AR Pistol Grip

Tactical Link PDW AR Pistol Grip

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  • All edges rounded for operator comfort
  • Reinforced beaver tail for extra rigidity
  • Aggressive PSP (Pentagonal Surface Projections) Texture for positive control in all environments
  • Grooves on the front and rear backstraps
  • Accommodates the "seam" commonly found on the beaver tail of forged lower receivers
  • More vertical than standard A2 grip


  • Material: Reinforced polymer
  • Finish: Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Grey
  • Weight: 2.1 oz.


  • AR-15 and AR-10


Whether you’re creating your dream rifle by doing a build from the ground up, or you’re just looking for a more comfortable AR-15 Pistol Grip, Tactical Link has a drop in upgrade component that will take your shooting to the next level by providing the comfort and control many shooters find lacking in standard equipment AR-15 Pistol Grips.

What Is So Special About The Tactical Link PDW Grip?

The PDW Grip is one of the most comfortable, relaxed position grips on the market. Tactical Link used advanced biomechanical design to create a grip that is far more ergonomically correct for the average shooter using a personal defense weapon with a short length of pull. The Tactical Link PDW Grip stands at 14-degrees, that’s 19-degrees closer to vertical than the A2 standard.

The more vertical position of this grip encourages the shooter to assume a more natural shooting position with elbows in rather than extended away from the body. The shooter's hand is close to the body and there is less stress on wrists and less fatigue on the shooter overall using this position, even over long shooting sessions.

Tactical Link PDW Grip Give You Better Control

The advanced design of the Tactical Link PDW Grip includes specially placed areas of aggressive PSP texture on both palm panels. Front and rear backstraps both feature grooved surfaces. These features offer a positive no-slip grip even in difficult conditions. Team excellent gripping qualities with the addition of a small beavertail that encourages the shooter to keep his hand high and you have an exceptional grip that helps the shooter to control each shot and manage recoil easily. Every edge of the PDW Grip is rounded for the shooter’s comfort.

The PDW Grip by Tactical Link, comfort and control by design.

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5 Reviews

  • Almost Perfect

    Posted by George on 8th Nov 2020

    Perfect angle. Side gripe texturing just the right amount of aggressiveness to help with grip. The front and back “serrations” are a bit different but they work well. Very comfortable, even after a extended day at the range.

  • Perfect

    Posted by Rudy on 21st Aug 2018

    This grip eases tension in the wrist. It's one of the most vertical grip angles available for the A.R. 15. Also comes in as the most budget friendly vertical grip on the market

  • Tactical Link PDW Grip

    Posted by Roy on 16th Aug 2018

    Wing tactical has a wide selection of parts and accessories. Great prices and fast shipping. The grip fits and function as it was designed for. Suits my style of shooting very well.

  • Great angle for pistol

    Posted by Ken Nungesser on 12th Jun 2018

    Perfect for an ar15 pistole, and for all those unintentional times when your brace may touch your shoulder. Not the most grippy that I have used, but nothing some talon grip strips on the front and back wont fix. This fit perfectly on an Aero lower. I have read that is some cases, heating up the top of it will allow it to "stretch" to fit if it is to tight to seat all the way to the lower, but I have not had to try this.

  • Lightweight, Limited

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2017

    The grip fits good - But that depends on which lower your using. I'm not going to divulge which AR15 lowers. Tactical Link grip fit my first lower really good but wouldn't seat down all the way. It wouldn't seat because of the arched section (where your palm grabs the rifle) on the lower receiver. Then I tried a different brand lower and this one fit perfectly. On the 2nd lower the arched section is slimmer. The Tactical Link grip couldn't fit on the first lower because it has a slightly wider (width measurement) arched section.

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