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  • Seamless top rail
  • One-piece free float design
  • Anti-rotation tabs
  • M-LOKcompatible
  • QD mounts at 3, 6 and 9 O’clock


  • Inside Diameter: Width - 1.8", Height - 1.93"
  • Outer Diameter: Width - 2", Height - 2.2"
  • Finish: Type III Class 2 Hardcoat Anodized
  • Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Weight:
    • 7-Inch: 5.45 oz.
    • 9-Inch: 6.55 oz.
    • 12-Inch: 8.75 oz.
    • 15-Inch: 10.6 oz.
    • Barrel Nut w/ Handguard Adapter: 2.5 oz.


  • AR-15


  • 1x Seekins MCSR V2 M-LOK Rail
  • 1x Barrel Nut
  • 1x Aluminum Handguard Adapter
  • 8x Mounting Screws


If your AR 15 needs a new handguard/rail system, consider the Seekins MCSR M-LOK. The company was brought into being by entrepreneur Glen Seekins who was dissatisfied with a deer hunt that failed because of broken scope rings. Upon his return from the trip, he created a new scope ring design that became extremely popular in the firearms community. Today, there are more than 10 major product lines sold by Seekins Precision.

What Seekins MCSR M-LOK Rail Offers

The Seekins MCSR V2 M-LOK Rail System features virtually infinite adaptability. The M-LOK system permits the user to attach additional M-LOK rail sections where needed at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. This rail is compatible with suppressors and is ideal for both tactical and competitive use. The free float design of this AR 15 rail system may help you improve your accuracy, while anti-rotation tabs keep it secure. The aggressive cooling slots in the MCSR M-LOK help to dissipate heat from the suppressor and the barrel quickly. These slots also make this AR 15 rail system extremely lightweight.

The MCSR will arrive at your home complete with an aluminum barrel nut and mounting hardware for easy installation. To protect it from the elements and scratches, the Seekins Precision MCSR M-LOK is treated with Mil-Spec Type III hardcoat anodizing in matte black.

If high quality is your priority, go with Seekins Precision. Seekins products will stand the test of heavy use time and time again. Besides, why would you use anything less than the very best for your AR?

The Seekins MCSR V2 M-LOK Rail System comes in: 7-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch.

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Reviews (3)

  • SUPPRESSOR ready

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Aug 2017

    I bought this handguard to use with my Gemtech 45 suppressor. This is exactly what I needed for my 45 carbine. Overall fit and finish is top-notch, awesome product and a great price, I highly recommend.

  • Great Quality Piece, the Nut Needs Patience

    Posted by Abs on 30th Jun 2017

    I bought this for it's quality and that it will probably clear any clamp-on adjustable gas-block that's ever been made. It also looks really good, the pictures don't do it justice. In the vein of pictures, note that the current pictures on the product page it shows the v1 nut. This unit is a V2 and ships with an improved two piece nut. The v2 nut requires that you screw on the mounting nut first, and then you screw in a set nut which locks everything in place. Have patience with the nut, and realize it takes a few tries to screw in the lock nut and keep the gas-tube hold aligned. I would advise that you lube both the threads of the nus with anti-seize not just to keep the nuts for seizing over time, but also to help lube the nuts to minimize movement when tightening the lock nut. Hey, at least you don't need to use shims. Also, if you want to use a torque wrench to tighten the lock nut, the nut is a non standard size and so you may need to buy a crows-foot wrench to do so. I did it by hand with a crescent wrench so it's so easy to get it into the correct torque range.

  • Great company!

    Posted by Carlos Arreola on 24th Sep 2016

    I bout a Seekins precision mcsr v2 m-lol rail from Wing Tactical, I'm very happy with the product, but i'm even happier with the customer service , I will definitely be buying from them again. Thank you Wing Tactical..

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