• Reduces single stage trigger pull weight by approximately 2 to 4 pounds
  • Passivated for added protection
  • Made from 17-4 stainless steel
  • Smooth and lighter trigger pull
  • Made in the USA

*Due to the magnitude of triggers on the market, KVP can not guarantee that ALL triggers will adequately detonate ALL cartridges. We recommend high quality brass cased ammunition loaded with commercial primers for the best results.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Blue Color Coated For Identification
  • Weight: 0.1 oz.


  • AR-15


  • 1x Blue Reduced Power Trigger Spring
  • 1x Blue Reduced Power Hammer Spring
  • 1x Silver Disconnector Spring


Does your trigger finger seem to just wear out after a long day at the range? Some of us have aged well enough that those joints don’t seem to work quite like they used to. One thing you can use to your advantage is to lighten up that trigger pull. A set of Kaw Valley trigger springs will make firing your AR-15 less of a chore and more like a mini-vacation for your hand.

Kaw Valley Trigger Spring: The Same, But Different

All AR-15 light trigger springs pretty much will fit into your AR lower receiver. But, there can be a huge difference when it comes to performance. When a company cares about their product and how you will enjoy it makes a difference. You’ll find that Kaw Valley trigger springs are a cut above the rest. The folks at Kaw Valley pride themselves on producing high-quality products that you will never regret adding to your collection.

These Can Be Tricky Critters

Just looking at these AR-15 trigger and hammer springs seem so simple. And they are when you have installed hundreds of them. AR-15 light trigger springs really need a masters touch to make them behave. When you can make them behave right Kaw Valley trigger springs will bring a smile to your face with every squeeze of the trigger. Consequently, if you are involved in a competitive shooting you know the slightest twitch off target can cost you a win. Install a set of Kaw Valley Precision AR-15 trigger and hammer springs, you will turn that twitch into a bullseye, and that trigger pull into a trigger squeeze. At Kaw Valley Precision reduced power doesn’t mean reduced performance, it means increased pleasure.

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