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Kaw Valley Precision

Kaw Valley Precision - NTOA Member Tested and Recommended

Not only as consumers but particularly as shooters, options are important. Whether the purchase is going to be a car, boat, or part for one of our weapons, choices can make buying something an adventure instead of a chore. Kaw Valley Precision brings options to the shooters in America, options designed to make the shooting experience better.

Living the American Dream

Kaw Valley Precision began its life with one guy in a garage creating a product the market was missing. Shortly thereafter, KVP rolled out with a full line of linear compensators that soon gained respect among shooters. Instead of the plain round models mainly available at the time, the linear comps produced by Kaw Valley Precision were fluted, bringing a bit of flair to the muzzle. Not only class, these new linear compensators brought performance to the table. They pushed the noise and concussion of the shot downrange and away from the shooter, making life easier on the ears. Such was the success of the initial offering, Kaw Valley Precision soon expanded their product line. The original, small garage shop has grown into a full-blown business, adding employees and state-of-the-art equipment has become par for the course. Kaw Valley Precision operates with the goal of providing high-quality products to shooters at the lowest possible prices.

Perfectly Simple, Simply Effective

Kaw Valley Precision offers products packed with features usually found in much higher priced parts. Their linear compensators are designed to develop increased back-pressure. This results in improved cycling for the AR- SBR and pistol platforms. Kaw Valley Precision combined forces with its competition to perfect their compensator lineup. The focus in this venture was to deliver a superior product regardless of who got the credit, ultimately this proved beneficial for the shooter. Kaw Valley Precision has enjoyed such success in their endeavors that they have been recognized, tested and recommended by the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) in 2014. Success notwithstanding, Kaw Valley Precision still puts their Midwest work ethics into every part they create. KVP products should not be considered economy class, they are a bargain.