MPN: KVP-3.0 / KVP-4.3 / KVP-H3-5.4


  • S and H2 models feature high density tungsten powder weight - weight accurate to within +/- 0.005 oz.
  • H3 model features 3 high density tungsten weights - weight accuracy may very (between 5.3 - 5.5 oz.)
  • S and H2 models eliminate annoying buffer "rattle"
  • Increases weapon reliability
  • Reduces wear of critical internal action parts
  • Reduces felt recoil and bolt bounce


  • Material:
    • Body: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Weight: Tungsten
  • Finish: Type 2 Anodized
  • Weight:
    • Standard: 3.0 oz
    • H2: 4.3 oz
    • H3: 5.4 oz
  • Length: 3.258"


  • AR-15 with carbine-length buffer tube


Sometimes the best decisions are the simplest ones. When you decide to quiet down your AR-15 and make it behave you can throw a lot of money at the problem or you can start with the basics. You need to start at the root of the problem with a new Kaw Valley AR15 carbine buffer.

Tame It Down

You should look into changing your AR-15 buffer to attack the issue from the beginning. Screwing stuff on the end of your barrel seems silly when an AR heavy buffer may stop your problem before it starts. Most AR builds tend to over gas the action attempting to ensure reliability. Therefore, you suffer from a noisy action and sometimes quite a bit of recoil. By changing to a Kaw Valley AR-15 heavy buffer you increase the dwell time of the action and calm down your weapon. You will notice a reduction of felt recoil and elimination of bolt rattle. An AR heavy buffer will bring your weapon in line making it behave.

This Quick Fix Lasts a Long Time

Installing an AR15 carbine buffer doesn’t take much time, however, the benefits are tremendous. The right high-quality Kaw Valley AR-15 buffer will smooth out your weapons action. All of the internal parts take less of a beating, therefore, they will last longer. Before you start messing around with compensators or adjustable gas blocks you should install a Kaw Valley AR-15 heavy buffer. You just might find it to be the right answer for you. The folks at Kaw Valley Precision don’t make toys. Every AR-15 buffer they turn out is a work of art you can use to paint a winning picture.

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