MPN: 2A-CK-1


  • Fits all standard lower receivers
  • High quality with competitive pricing


  • AR-15 and AR-10


  • 1x Bolt Catch Plunger
  • 1x Bolt Catch Spring
  • 1x Buffer Retainer
  • 1x Buffer Retainer Spring
  • 1x Selector Detent
  • 1x Selector Detent Spring
  • 2x Pivot/Takedown Pin Detent
  • 2x Pivot/Takedown Pin Detent Spring


When you work on firearms there’s one thing you should never do. Never, ever take anything apart where there’s carpet on the floor. Or wood shavings… Or dark corners... Or a crevice behind a bench... Or a hungry mouse... We think you know where this is headed.

Sometimes you struggle to get a detent out and when it finally comes loose, something bounces across the room and it’s just gone before you can get there to pick it up. Sometimes, it’s just too easy and that spring is just a blur in the corner of your eye. Maybe you carefully put those parts in your shirt pocket and now they’re inside the washer never to be seen again. We get it, small parts sometimes vanish. The 2A Armament Carpet Kit is an AR-15 springs replacement kit that includes some of those parts most commonly swallowed by the family dog.

They Might Be Little But They Are Mighty

The loss of any one of these small parts can completely stop a build. That's why the 2A Armament Carpet Kit includes one of each of these commonly lost items for the AR-15:

  • Buffer Retainer
  • Buffer Retainer Spring
  • Bolt Catch Plunger
  • Bolt Catch Spring
  • Selector Detent Pin
  • Selector Detent Spring

Since Alien abduction is extra common for Takedown/Pivot Pin Detents and Springs, the guys at 2A have been extra-thoughtful and included two of each in the Carpet Kit.

That should be enough small hardware to keep you out of trouble for at least the first forty-five minutes after you unbox that new rifle. If it’s not, you could always order two of these AR-15 springs replacement kits. You know, just to be safe.

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