• Compatible with all Mil-Spec trigger group
  • NiB-X Nickel Boron coating provides a lubricious surface and ensures smooth cycling as it minimizes fouling or grit adhesion
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: NiB-X Nickle Boron
  • Weight: 0.28 oz.


  • AR-15 and AR-10


There are a lot of small parts that move every time your AR-15 cycles. Over time, simple friction and thousands of small impacts take their toll on the moving parts of your weapon system. Some parts can cause a lot of trouble when they become worn. One of those crucial parts that can take a lot of wear and tear is the disconnect. Trouble with a worn disconnect can make your AR system unreliable and in some cases unpredictable to operate. Wing Tactical offers a number of excellent options to replace a worn disconnect. If you’re interested in a disconnect that will promise a longer service life and resist wear better than average you may want to consider the WMD NiB-X AR-15 Disconnector. This is a specially treated Nickel Boron disconnector designed as a drop-in replacement for a standard AR-15 disconnector.

The Benefits of Using a Nickel Boron Disconnector

Nickel Boron coatings make great parts better. Nickel boron is a self-lubricating surface treatment. That means that moving parts coated with Nickel Boron don’t require a lot of extra lubricant yet move smoothly and experience less abrasion than untreated parts. That self-lubricity also keeps things clean dirt can’t collect in lubricants that aren’t there and doesn’t stick to Nickel Boron coated surfaces. That means dirt won’t cause extra friction or gum up the works.

WMD Guns NiB-X Nickel Boron AR-15 Disconnector

WMD’s exclusive NiB-X Nickel Boron coating process produces a superior coating when compared to other manufacturers’ nickel boron treatments. NiB-X is harder, more resistant to friction and abrasion and features great self-lubricity. When you choose a WMD NiB-X Disconnect you’ll enjoy long trouble free service with less wear and easier maintenance than in systems without NiB-X components.

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