• Waterproof side battery compartments - holds four CR123 or three AA batteries in each compartment
  • Waterproof compartment in the clubfoot area - holds two AA batteries or small parts
  • Rubber buttpad and strike plate are pre-assembled
  • Slightly wider and longer at the rear than standard M4 stock
  • Vltor specifically blended temperature and impact resistant polymer
  • Multiple sling attach option
  • Integrated cheek weld for shooter comfort


  • Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 13.5 oz.
  • Length: 7.75"


  • AR-15 with Mil-Spec buffer tube


  • 1x Vltor EMOD Enhanced Modular Stock
  • 1x A5 Buffer Tube Kit (optional)
    • 1x A5 Seven-Position Mil-Spec Buffer Tube
    • 1x A5 Buffer (A5H2)
    • 1x Rifle Buffer Spring
    • 1x Locknut (Castle Nut)
    • 1x End Plate


Whether your build calls for a Mil-Spec or commercial type stock you can’t get a better value in a modular stock than the Vltor EMOD Stock.

Why Vltor EMOD Stock?

Enhanced features of this Vltor stock make it an easy choice for the shooter and armorer alike. The Vltor EMOD Stock is longer than standard M4 style stocks so those of your working with builds that will ultimately use glass will find the additional comb adds flexibility in length of pull. This allows for better fit, giving a variety of shooters more comfort from the same basic build. This Vltor stock is also longer and wider at the toe than other M4 based stocks and the EMOD’s enhanced negative pitch makes for more natural transitions from one position to another.

The Vltor EMOD Stock features multiple storage compartments for convenience afield. Weatherproof storage compartments are integrated into the side and clubfoot areas of each EMOD Stock. The side compartments have room for four CR123 batteries or three AA batteries, while the clubfoot compartment holds two AA cells. The Vltor EMOD Stock features both standard Military type sling loop and QD swivel sockets that are easy to access from either side of the rifle allowing for ambidextrous operation.

This Vltor Stock Is Ready For Real World Missions

Each Vltor EMOD Stock is furnished pre-assembled with a rubber buttpad and strike plate installed. Vltor Stocks are manufactured of a polymer that is engineered specifically for Vltor to be temperature and impact resistant.

The Vltor EMOD Stock is available in Mil-Spec or Commercial type and may be purchased as a kit with a A5 seven-position buffer tube, rifle spring, A5 H2 buffer, Vltor end plate and Vltor lock nut or as a stock-only component.

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