• Stress relieved, heat treated, aged twice and cryogenic treated
  • Precision machined and finished by hand
  • Bore coated with dry film lube over the anodized surface
  • Compatible with all Mil-Spec AR-15 parts and accessories
  • Available in (MUR-1A) or without forward assist (MUR-1S)
  • M4 feed ramps


  • Material: 7075 aluminum (Forged)
  • Finish: Type III Class 2 Hard coat anodized
  • Weight:
    • MUR-1A: 9.80 oz.
    • MUR-1S: 8.70 oz.


  • AR-15 lower receiver


  • MUR-1A
    • 1x Vltor MUR Upper Receiver
    • 1x Forward Assist (installed)
    • 1x Dust Cover (installed)
  • MUR-1S
    • 1x Vltor MUR Upper Receiver
    • 1x Dust Cover (installed)

*MUR-1A is the standard model with forward assist. MUR-1S model does not have forward assist.


When you want to build a nail-driver but maintain the options in other parts that Mil-Spec choices provide, your options in uppers can get a little limited. One of the best available Mil-Spec upper receivers available today is the Vltor MUR Modular AR-15 Upper Receiver.

The Vltor MUR Upper Receiver is constructed on a 7075 forged aircraft aluminum base which is machined to precise specifications and hand finished for craftsmanship you can only get from a manufacturer who is obsessed with excellence.

Vltor MUR Is More Than Just A Mil-Spec Upper

The Vltor MUR is a Mil-Spec receiver, but it’s so much more than that. Vltor AR-15 Upper Receivers are Mil-Spec correct but feature a thicker wall that gives them extra rigidity for a stronger receiver that promotes increased accuracy in the builds it is employed in. Less flex and more stability in your upper will also protect all of the parts married to it from the premature wear and failure that can result from undue stress and poor fitment.

Vlotr Upper: MUR-1A and MUR-1S

The Vltor Upper Receiver comes in two versions, either is compatible with both full-length rifle and carbine builds of the AR15/M16 M4 families. The MUR-1A is equipped with complete shell deflector and forward assist, while the MUR-1S was updated in June of 2015 to include a one-piece machined shell deflector component and no forward assist.

All Vltor MURs are stress-relieved. They are heat treated, twice aged and cryogenically treated to give them superior endurance and distortion-free accuracy under real-world use. Each Vltor Upper Receiver features a dry lube coat over the anodized bore finish for excellent lubricity and smooth function. A hard anodized finish keeps the Vltor Upper corrosion free and looking good even in adverse conditions.

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