• Weight: 5.19 oz.
  • Material: Steel
  • Height:
    • Min: 3.2"
    • Max: 4.5"



One of the most important components to great shooting is the ability to be still. If you can’t keep your sights on target, you can’t hit the target. The entire precision firearm industry is obsessed with taking motion out of your shot. From low mass parts to buttstock monopods and custom length stocks, it’s all about keeping your aim steadily on target so you can pull off that great shot that makes the day in competition, or the big difference in the battlefield. The challenge is: How you carry and access those accessories, like a stock monopod, without getting too encumbered?

Strike Has an Answer

Strike Industries furthers this mission with the release of the Strike Industries Modular Fixed Stock Monopod. This is a buttstock monopod designed specifically for the Strike Modular Stock System. It’s a rear monopod that stays on board all the time, to cut effort and wasted time in the field. Combine this stock monopod with a forend bipod and you have a fully supported weapon system for precision shooting without the hassle of extra baggage.

Purpose Built for the Shooter

Strike Industries’ Monopod stows conveniently in their modular fixed stock body so it’s handy when you need it but out of the way when you don’t. You don’t have to dig in a bag or pocket for access, just push it out of its riding place in the stock’s body and equip it in its home mount on the bottom of the Buttstock. There’s no concern about mounting compatibility, it’s made just for this job. When you need to equip it, it’s so simple you can do it without looking, so you can keep your eyes on the action and keep your advantage.

Stability You Can Count On

The Strike Industries created their rear monopod for the Strike Modular Fixed Stock with convenience and accessibility in mind. This monopod mounts inside the body of the Modular Fixed Stock when not in use, remaining easily at hand for changing battle conditions. If you match it up with a quality bipod for the forend, you’ll create an elevated weapon system that you can easily keep rock solid when shooting from a prone or elevated supported position.

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