MPN: 18400


  • Molded from durable synthetic rubber that is neither spongy nor tacky
  • Provides a soft recoil absorbing feel without affecting accuracy
  • Drop-in design


  • Material: Synthetic Rubber
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 0.7 oz.


  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
  • Ruger LC9
  • This grip will also fit and function well on the following firearms, though not specifically designed for a precision fit:
    • Beretta 85
    • Bersa BP9CC and Thunder 380
    • FNS 9C
    • Glock 26 & 27
    • H&K 45C
    • Ruger LC9, SR22
    • S&W M&P 45, Shield 9mm & .40
    • Sar Arms Sar B6P
    • Sig Sauer E2 P224
    • Taurus PT111 Millennium, 709
    • Walther PPS, PK380, PPK, PPK/S

*Large frame models will require strenuous effort to install this grip. Use boiling water and Windex to prevent grip from ripping during installation. See installation instructions HERE.


Let’s face it, gun guys are a particular lot. We like what we like. Even when there aren’t a lot of easy options, we try to customize everything we lay hands on. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. One sticking point for a lot of shooters is the lack of flexibility in the factory molded grips on modern polymer pistols. You can’t just remove and M&P Shield Grip and adding a tape grip to the standard Ruger LC9 Grip is more than a touch hinky. There is an easy, obvious, and effective answer to the customization of the grip on these sidearms. The Hogue HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve is available for the M&P Shield Grip and the Ruger LC9 Grip and makes improving the control and ergonomics of these weapons a simple matter.

Hogue Grip for M&P Shield and Ruger LC9

The Hogue HandALL S&W M&P Shield & Ruger LC9 Beavertail Grip Sleeve is manufactured using Hogue’s modern rubber material that doesn’t deteriorate under heavy use even when exposed to cleansers, oils, and cosmetic lotions. The Beavertail Grip Sleeve cushions the hand web on firing, reducing fatigue and discomfort, even in the most demanding repeat fire situations.

Time To Upgrade Your M&P Shield Grip

Of course, comfort is great, but control is everything when it comes down to brass tacks. The Hogue Beavertail Grip Sleeve won’t disappoint. These sleeves create a grip that affords truly improved control over the original factory M&P Shield grips on polymer pistols. Texture provides positive purchase with just the right amount of friction, while molded finger grooves and a gentle palm swell give a solid, easy to finesse grip. These improvements allow for a more intuitive shooting experience that will improve your marksmanship almost effortlessly.

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