MPN: 115-195 / 115-196


  • Direct replacement for factory pins
  • Available in Black and Matte Chrome finish


  • Springfield Armory Hellcat pistols (including the Hellcat Pro)

*Not tested in the H11 model pistols (European Models)


  • 1x Trigger Pivot Pin
  • 1x Locking Block Pin
  • 1x Sear Housing Pin
  • 1x Sear Housing Pin Safety


The Springfield Hellcat is easily one of the best concealed carry pistols on the market right now, which offers a lot of firepower in a relatively small and easily concealable package. The pistol also has incredible aftermarket support, with several companies making high-end enhanced parts.

An Easy Upgrade for Your Springfield Hellcat

If you want to make a subtle yet impactful upgrade to your Springfield Hellcat pistol, you should check out the Apex Frame Pin Kit for Springfield Hellcat. This simple upgrade allows you to enhance the aesthetics of your pistol subtly and can have some structural advantages as well.

Style and Functionality

Firstly, these Precision machined frame pins offer improved overall stability of the frame, resulting in more consistent shots and better accuracy. Secondly, they are also more durable than OEM frame pins, resulting in enhanced overall durability. The Apex Frame Pin Kit for Springfield Hellcat is available in Black and Matte Chrome finish.

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