• Allow Glock Gen 4 slide to use Gen 3 guide rod
  • Drop-in guide rod reducing ring


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 0.07 oz.
  • Finish: Black DLC, Chameleon PVD, Stainless Steel (Silver), Titanium Nitride (Gold)


  • Gen 4 Glock


One of the more annoying aspects of upgrading Glocks is the variations between generations that too frequently make it so you can’t use your favorite parts across the board. Fortunately, there are some manufacturers who are willing to help us get past Glock’s roadblocks. Wing Tactical is happy to bring you products that can make your quest to upgrade your Glocks a little easier. When you’re ready to change guide rods and you want to use a Gen 3 guide rod in a Gen 4 Glock, the L2D Combat Guide Rod Reducing Ring is the Drop-in solution to your compatibility problems.

A Simple Solution

When you work on a lot of guns you like to make things work in the simplest, most efficient way possible. Glock doesn’t seem to have a lot of respect for that idea, but L2D Combat is working on answers to that problem with a number of products that bridge the gap between the different generations of Glock pistols. If you want to fit your slide from Glock Gen4 to Gen3 Guide rods, L2D Combat makes the part you need.

If you want to fit the smaller diameter guide rods for third generation Glocks into fourth generation firearms, the L2D Guide Rod reducing ring is a simple drop-in solution to the fit issue. The reducing ring is a simple, precision-fit bushing that retrofits the Gen 4 Glock to accept the smaller Gen 3 single spring guide rod. It’s machined from stainless steel and given a quality Black Diamond Like Carbon Finish to provide an exceptional wear life.

Wing Tactical and L2D Combat

Together Wing Tactical and L2D Combat make it easy to choose the right parts for your next Glock upgrade. Wing Tactical makes the best products from the best manufacturers available to our customers at better values than you’ll find elsewhere. Give yourself an edge. To fit Glock Gen4 to Gen3 guide rods, buy L2D Combat Guide Rod Reducing Rings from Wing Tactical.



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