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L2D Combat

L2D Combat

L2D Combat is a Florida based manufacturer of specialty firearm components based in Coral Springs. They’ve made it their mission to bring shooters of all walks outstanding upgrade parts for Glock pistols. Whether you’re military, law enforcement, a competition shooter or a simple Glock devotee, L2D wants to put the right components in your hands to make your Glock a superior weapon.

Why is L2D Combat Different from other Aftermarket Glock Manufacturers?

There are a lot of other companies out there marketing parts for Glock, but L2D stands out from the crowd. While other companies may deal in reworked factory parts or re-labeled parts from foreign sources, L2D designs and manufactures their own Glock components to create parts that bring raise quality and performance standards far beyond what you’ve come to expect from most Glock upgrade parts.

L2D Combat’s commitment to innovative design and engineering, paired with unique manufacturing processes and a relentless attention to detail brings a line of Glock replacement parts like no other on the market. L2D parts are designed to function without failure under a variety of conditions and improve the performance of your Glock sidearm under any demands you put on it. This isn’t a line of sissified performance parts that need a velvet pillow. L2D Combat Glock components are ready for the real world.

The L2D Glock Barrel

L2D Glock Barrels are designed to improve the performance of your factory Glock pistol. They include features that reduce the jump caused by interaction between the standard barrel’s top-line at the chamber and the pistol slide with every cycle, as well as more precisely cut locking surfaces than their factory counterparts. The barrel's machine fluted surface reduces weight and gives the barrel an enhanced appearance. Full chamber support and target crown are just another pair of features that L2D Glock Barrels include making your shooting experience better.

Wing Tactical is Proud to Welcome L2D Combat to the Family

At Wing Tactical, we don’t distribute just any product that comes down the pike. We’ve made it our mission to help manufacturers bring products that present exceptional quality and value to a wider audience in the small arms community. Whether you’re Military, Civilian Law Enforcement, part of the competition circuit or just another a red-blooded American taking advantage of the Right to Bear Arms, we want to bring you quality firearm components that represent a good value for your hard-earned money. L2D Combat is a perfect fit for Wing Tactical as well as your own personal Glock.