• Direct replacement for the factory Glock springs
  • Lighten the trigger pull weight in factory Glock
  • Comes with 2 reduced power springs (OEM is 5.5-lb) to reduces trigger pull weight
  • Comes with an increased Power Trigger Spring - Increased weight reduces trigger pull weight and provides a more positive trigger reset
  • Reduced power firing pin safety spring reduces friction between trigger bar and firing pin safety for a smoother trigger pull and reduces trigger pull weight


  • All Glock Models Except G42 and G43


  • 1x Reduced Power 5-lb Striker Spring
  • 1x Reduced Power 4-lb Competition Striker Spring (Recommended for competition or target shooting)
  • 1x Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring
  • 1x Increased Power Trigger Spring


Half of the fun of firearms is constantly changing parts looking for that improvement in performance you really want. Okay, so now that you’re done laughing or crying, let’s get real. If you’re done messing around hunting for the right parts to improve your Glock, Wing Tactical can set you on the right track with quality offerings like the L2D Combat Enhanced Performance Spring Kit. This kit puts an end to guessing which springs will change your trigger for the better.

A Purpose Built Glock Spring Kit for Enhanced Trigger Performance

The L2D Glock Trigger Spring Kit is designed to improve the trigger pull in your Glock by lightening the overall trigger pull weight as well as creating less friction, and providing an improved trigger reset. You could try individual springs from other manufacturers, but why put yourself through the hassle when L2D offers a complete Glock spring kit designed to drop in and work together? This spring set is perfect for the shooter who wants a lighter trigger pull in a Glock for competition use.

What’s In This Glock Spring Kit Included?

The L2D Combat Enhanced Performance Spring Set includes two options to replace your 5.52-pound striker spring. The Reduced Power Striker Spring is a half-pound lighter than the OEM striker spring. That’s a 5-pound spring, where a 5.5 was. The L2D reduced power competition striker spring comes in a 4-pounds of resistance, to take a full pound off of your trigger pull. L2D also includes a Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring in this kit, which will decrease the friction between the trigger bar and the firing pin safety. That makes for a smoother trigger pull as well as taking a little extra weight from the trigger pull. Finally, the set gets it’s last push from an Increased Power L2D Glock Trigger spring. A stronger trigger spring not only reduces the overall trigger pull weight but creates a better trigger reset. Choose your Striker Spring and get the performance edge you’ve always.



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