• Drop-in installation
  • Hardened to RC 58-60 to withstand years of use and still maintain its edge
  • Manufactured through an EDM process to produce exacting tolerances
  • Will not lose its edge under impact such as extractors that made from stamped steel
  • The hook is .005” closer to the rim of the cartridge to allow for the most positive extraction


  • Material: A2 Tool Steel
  • Finish: Silver
  • Weight: 0.02 oz.


  • Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory


The Smith & Wesson Victory has made an impressive market showing when you consider its competitors. It hit the market with looks, accuracy and price point on its side. Unfortunately, your brand new Smith has a gremlin inside it. The factory SW22 Victory Extractor is a problem waiting to happen. You can best head off that problem by installing a Volquartsen SW22 Victory Exact Edge Extractor.

Reliability Is Not That Complicated

Two words, build quality, that's really all it takes. Volquartsen does just that with their Exact Edge line of extractors along with everything they create. They use a state of the art EDM wire cutting procedure to make their Volquartsen SW22 Victory Exact Edge Extractor. If you want a precision, extractor made of hardened tool steel that's dependable, then Volquartsen is the way to go.

It's Beyond A Standard Failure to Extract, The Extractor Simply Disappears

There are numerous reported failures with surprisingly few rounds fired through the pistol. Not like usual complaints, where the gun favors one type of ammo over another. You look down and the factory SW22 Victory Extractor is simply gone. Now, with this failure occurring so quickly, your Smith is likely still under warranty. You could send it back and the manufacturer will fix it for you. Unfortunately, with another factory SW22 Victory Extractor like the one that just failed. Wouldn't it make more sense to actually solve the problem? Well, a Volquartsen SW22 Victory Exact Edge Extractor actually solves the problem. By the time you consider the shipping fees and having to wait around to get your own brand new gun back, who needs that. Just go ahead and fix it for good.

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