Volquartsen S&W M&P 15-22 Exact Edge Extractor

Volquartsen S&W M&P 15-22 Exact Edge Extractor

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  • Drop-in installation
  • Precision EDM machined provide exact tolerances
  • Geometry has been changed to provide positive ejection every time
  • The redesigned hook is .015" closer to the rim and changed angle grabs the casing with much more precision and control
  • Hardened to a RC 58–60 to prevent any excessive wear and deformation


  • Material: A2 Tool Steel
  • Finish: Silver
  • Weight: 0.04 oz.


  • Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Only


You know, all of us can’t afford some high-dollar rifle just to have fun with and pass the day at the range. Enter the S&W M&P 15/22, it’s a great gun to introduce the kids to the sport and still performs well enough to keep us grown-up kids interested. Unfortunately, it has a weak point, like so many semi-auto rimfire weapons it tends to jam. You can eliminate this problem in your M&P 15/22 when you upgrade to a Volquartsen M&P 15-22 Exact Edge Extractor.

Good Enough Is Not Ever Good Enough

Now, if you stick to premium ammo the stock M&P 15-22 extractor is good enough. However, switch over to some lower grade bulk ammo and extraction issues begin. The problem arises because of the inconsistencies in the thickness of the rim of the cartridge. The stock M&P 15-22 extractor can’t maintain firm contact, the case shifts and a stovepipe jam occurs. Premium ammo is great, however, it’s kind of costly to use for just plinking.

Never Settle for Second Best M&P 15-22 Extractor

The Volquartsen M&P 15-22 Exact Edge Extractor makes this happen because it was engineered to. The edge geometry was modified to allow a more positive hook-up on the rim of the cartridge. The extractors body lies just a bit closer to give it more control. What you get is an empty case that flies out of the gun and more shooting fun. The Volquartsen M&P 15-22 Exact Edge Extractor is very easy to swap out and is a low-cost upgrade you must make. Just being able to run some cheap, bulk ammo without jams will more than pay for this upgrade with just one afternoon of fun.

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2 Reviews

  • exact edge extractor

    Posted by Michael on 20th Feb 2020

    This extractor does the job on S&W M&P AR 22LR it made a great rifle even better no hangups.Now remember folks like most semi auto 22 rifles it doesn't like certain sub sonic ammo.Ammos fault not your weapon.Now this well made weapon will eat through federal rounds and not just cci mini which are more costly.Wow what an up grade for such a few dollars and what a simple install. Thanks Wingtactical for such a great upgrade.You guys are the best,Retired 35 year Firedept Captain Michael E Wagner.

  • Fixed 15-22 FTE issues!!

    Posted by JASON on 24th Feb 2019

    Was having issues with FTE and shells getting stuck. Tried cleaning the original extractor but S&W should have gone with this as OEM. Best money spent and exceptionally fast shipping! Very happy with purchase and transaction!!

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