Grey Ghost Precision Stripped Slide for Glock 19

Grey Ghost Precision Stripped Slide for Glock 19

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  • Available for Gen3 and Gen4 Glock 19 pistols
  • Two models to choose from:
    • Version 1: Angled lightening cuts
    • Version 2: Chevron Hex (Geo Scales)
  • Black Nitride coated inside and out
  • Barrel machined to SAAMI chamber specifications
  • Absolute Co-Witness RMR cut
  • Made in the USA

**Accepts standard Glock 19 sights (Not Included). Hand fitting may be required.

**These are stripped slides and do not come with internal components

**All warranty related issues for Grey Ghost Precision products are handled directly by Grey Ghost Precision. Any questions or issues, please contact Grey Ghost Precision directly at


  • Material: 17-4 Billet Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Black Nitride
  • Weight:
    • Version 1: 9.45 oz.
    • Version 2: 9.70 oz.


  • Glock 19 Gen 1-4


If you’re looking to do some G19 upgrades or complete a Glock 19 build, you really can’t go wrong with a Grey Ghost Precision Stripped Glock 19 slide. These Glock 19 aftermarket slides look wicked and perform better than most OEM Glock slides. Choose your favorite of two RMR cut Glock slide designs for grip, performance, and balance you won’t find elsewhere.

Superior Performance Through Engineering

The Grey Ghost Glock Slide is a different sort of animal. These are not just any custom G19 slide. The Grey Ghost Glock 19 Aftermarket Slide is re-engineered and precision machined for superior performance. Manufactured to tighter tolerances than many other slides on the market, Grey Ghost’s G19 upgrades are better balanced, smoother operating and offer greater accuracy than the competition. When it really matters, choose a Grey Ghost Glock slide. Whether you choose the GGP G19 V1 with its aggressive lightening cuts, or the Chevron Hex scaled V2, you’ll have a lighter slide than the next guy and better grip when conditions get challenging.

Pick Your Texture Outperform the Rest

When you choose the GGP Glock 19 version 1 slide you’ll get a light, clean slide with super aggressive cuts for an unmatched grip in rough weather and muddy conditions. The Version 2 GGP Glock Slide is no slouch either. The reptilian look of the V2 features Chevron Hex machined “scales” that aren’t quite as aggressive as the V1’s cuts, but you’ll find them to be more than adequate for solid purchase in the rain and crud. Neither of these slides gets by on looks. They’re excellent quality custom G19 slides. Both versions are machined from quality 17-4 Stainless billet for real strength and performance you can count on for a long service life. They're RMR cut Glock slides machined for absolute co-witness accuracy so when you aim dead on you'll get the results you expect.

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