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True Precision

True Precision

True Precision, Inc. is an American pistol barrel manufacturer based in Acworth, Georgia. When True Precision was conceived, it was with the intention of making superior quality drop-in replacement pistol barrels more readily available to the average shooter. Their repertoire includes barrels for Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P as well as pistols popular on the U.S. market.

The True Precision Goal

True Precision strives to bring custom options in appearance and performance to the mass of pistol owners and enthusiasts, not just the Glock crowd. True Precision wants to be the foremost provider of high-grade drop-in pistol barrels. They want to bring to market the greatest variety of options and unique design features of any manufacturer in the market.

Don’t Mistake Performance for Elitism

Too often the gun community finds itself divided. One camp wants firearms for service weapons and self-defense, while the other is committed to competitive performance. True Precision doesn’t buy into the partisan argument. They stand firmly at the pinnacle of the divide between the two camps without a sign of moving anytime soon. True goes so far as to say that “No barrel is worth its salt if it can’t perform when needed most.” Every True Precision barrel is designed and manufactured with match grade specs, but at the same time, each one is designed for personal defense. There are no satin pillows for these barrels, they’re ready to work for their bread and butter.

True Precision Barrels, Match Grade Features Never Stop Coming

True Precision Barrels aren’t simply manufactured to someone else’s idea of what “match grade” specs ought to be. The Team at True Precision redesigns their barrels to feature greater chamber support, feed ramps that outperform the rest of the market and tighter tolerances to create drop-in pistol barrels that offer truly superior fit and performance.

Every True Precision barrel is manufactured using 416R steel. They’re heat treated for a long trouble-free service life and broach rifled with 6 grooves at a 1 in 10 twist rate for bullet stability that provides elite level accuracy. True Precision barrels are available with a variety of coatings with aesthetic and performance properties that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Wing Tactical Is Proud to Bring You True Precision

When we partner with a manufacturer like True Precision, Inc. Wing Tactical makes it easier for quality products and components like True Precision Barrels to reach a greater audience. We believe that every shooter deserves access to quality components at price points that make them a great value too and we feel that True Precision Barrels are a great addition to the Wing Tactical Family.