MPN: 107-003 / 107-115


  • Replacement for the factory hinged trigger with a solid body polymer trigger
  • Smooth face trigger produces a more comfortable trigger for the shooter’s finger
  • Reduces pre-travel by 20%
  • Reduces over-travel by 10%
  • Reduces trigger pull weight by 10-15%
  • Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values
  • Trigger Kit (with performance springs):
    • Reduce trigger pull weight by approximately 2 lbs.
    • Smooth uptake
    • Improve reset


  • Material: Polymer
  • Finish: Black


  • Trigger Only:
    • SD (SD9, SD40)
    • SDVE (SD9VE & SD40VE)
    • Sigma (9mm, 40S&W and .357 Sig)
  • Trigger Kit:
    • SD (SD9, SD40)
    • SDVE (SD9VE & SD40VE)

**The springs in the trigger kit will not fit Sigma Series pistols. The trigger itself will fit SD, SDVE, and Sigma pistols.

**We recommend installation by a competent gunsmith. Filing might be required for some models.


  • 1x Polymer SD Action Enhancement Trigger
  • 1x Trigger Return Spring
  • 1x Striker Block Spring
  • 1x Striker Spring
  • 1x Sear Spring


There are a lot of things to upgrade if you want to make a gun really feel like it was made for you, but some upgrades are more important than others. When you’re talking pistols with hinged triggers, it’s pretty obvious to many shooters what their first upgrade will be. When you’re ready to be rid of that hinged trigger and move on to something better, it’s time to look at Apex Polymer SD Action Enhancement Trigger.

Improve Your Shooting Experience

There are a lot of descriptors for the way factory hinged triggers feel to the shooter. Not all of them are allowable in polite company. Some of the more socially acceptable descriptions include spongy, squishy, rubber band like, and just plain awful. The Apex SD Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger is designed to replace the factory hinged trigger in a number of Smith & Wesson pistol models. This is an easy choice for an SD40VE trigger kit or an SD9VE trigger kit when you want something that will work without a lot of hassle. It only takes a few minutes to replace that wishy-washy hinged trigger so you can get rid of that water pistol feeling.

Apex Polymer SD Action Enhancement Trigger Applications

When you need a Smith and Wesson SD40VE trigger kit or an SD9VE trigger kit, the Apex Polymer SD Enhancement Trigger Kit is the one you want. It also fits the SD9 and SD40. Additional applications for the SD Polymer Trigger include the Smith & Wesson SD, SD-VE and Sigma Semi-Automatics including 9, 40 and .357 models. The Apex Polymer SD Enhancement Trigger Kit comes packaged with an SD slave pin, but any spring kit will need to be furnished separately. Choose an Apex SD Spring Kit, Apex Sigma Spring Kit or install it with existing factory components.

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