MPN: 100-171


  • Reduces trigger pull by approximately 1-2 lbs.
  • Smooth uptake and reset
  • Reduces pre-travel
  • Reduces over-travel
  • Reduced reset
  • Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values


  • Material: Aluminum


  • Works with all Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 and Shield Plus Pistols in 9mm and .40 calibers.
  • NOT for use in the Shield 1.0
  • NOT for use in the Shield .45 calibers


  • 1x Apex Aluminum Action Enhancement Trigger for M&P Shield 2.0
  • 1x 1-Dot Fully Machined Sear
  • 1x Ultimate Striker Block
  • 1x Striker Block Spring
  • 1x Sear Spring (1/8")
  • 1x Trigger Return Spring
  • 1x Slave Pin (to assist with trigger return spring installation)
  • 1x Talon Tactical Tool


What's the first thing you do when you pick up a new pistol. Of course, you make sure the weapon is clear but then what? You try the trigger, why? Because a good trigger is the most important part of any gun, and you know it. Price, finish, caliber, capacity are all considerations that come after the ultimate trigger test. Now, if your pistol fits all the other criteria, you can pass the trigger test when you install an Apex Action Shield 2.0 trigger kit in your S&W M&P 2.0.

Custom Trigger Job In Less Than An Hour?

The M&P Shield has many good points; however, the trigger isn't one of them. The factory trigger is heavy, squishy and leaves a lot to be desired. That's where the Apex Action Shield 2.0 trigger kit comes into play. The kits combination of components works together to reduce trigger pull-weight, pre-travel, over-travel and reset time. You get a short, crisp, smooth action that cycles clean without grit or drag. This could make the difference between a swing and a miss.

Compact Pistol Plus Big Hands Equal A Handful

In a perfect world, you would only use the first pad of your finger to squeeze the trigger. However, when you're firing a compact pistol, or your hands are above average, your finger tends to wrap the trigger shoe. This alone can cause you to pull the shot off target. You see, a shorter pistol isn't inherently less accurate than a longer one, however, the shorter sight plane and frame do magnify your mistakes. The Shield 2.0 trigger kit gives you a forgiving advantage and a better chance to make your first shot count.

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