• Designed exclusively for the “one take down action screw” design (i.e., Ruger 10/22, 10/22 Magnum)
  • No mixing of compounds, no taping of barrel and no release agents required
  • Installation can be completed in less than 10 minutes


  • Material:
    • Drill: Steel
    • Bedding Block: Aluminum


  • Ruger 10/22 and 10/22 Magnum


  • 1x Drill
  • 1x Aluminum Bedding Block
  • 2x Foam Pressure Pads


Rifle accuracy is affected by uncountable conditions both inside and outside your rifle. Some of these influences you can control, some you cannot. Rifle bedding is one of those controllable influences, and few factors are more important than a suitably bedded rifle. With the Volquartsen bedding system, you can easily and comfortably ensure that your rifle barrel is properly bedded.

How Does The Volquartsen 10/22 Bedding System Improve Performance?

Bedding is one of the many fundamental underpinnings that affect rifle accuracy. With a poorly bedded rifle, or poor bedding material, you might as well not even bother aiming. The Volquartsen bedding system eliminates the complicated mess that bedding can quickly become. The process is simplified, but no less effective. This 10/22 bedding system doesn’t skimp on materials, either. It includes two foam pressure pads and aluminum bedding block. Aluminum is one of the finest materials that can be used for rifle bedding because it doesn’t compress or expand, guaranteeing barrel conditions will always be the same with each shot.

Easy DIY Bedding System Kit

Whether your new to bedding or prefer the consistency of procedure, this 10/22 bedding system has you covered. Complete, detailed instructions are included to ensure that no idiosyncrasies can interfere with the installation process. Boost your accuracy by ensuring your rifle barrel is properly bedded with the Volquartsen bedding system.

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