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Overwatch Precision - Driven by A Passion for Thoughtful, Purposeful Design

When performance and reliability really matter, it really matters which company with which you do business. Of course, there are cheap alternatives that are just that, cheap. A bad day at the range is one thing, however, trying to scrape by with a cheap trigger could make it your last bad day when your life depends on it. Overwatch Precision makes it their business to ensure that your trigger is going to be the one thing you don’t have to worry about.

When Only the Best Will Do

Overwatch Precision has dedicated their business to providing high-quality, functional products for the casual shooter as well as the professional. They refuse to sell anything but the best, and in this case, the best is the Overwatch Precision trigger. Many members of the military, law enforcement, and armed professionals depend on their Overwatch trigger, you can depend on it too. Every Overwatch Precision trigger is designed first with safety in mind and manufactured to the highest quality standards that you can trust your life to. Overwatch Precision demands absolute perfection as the baseline for all of their products because of whether the shooter is casual or a pro they deserve no less.

Breaking the Mold

Overwatch Precision is an all American company, they take pride in their heritage and country in an era where profits take precedence over patriotism for many companies. Every Overwatch trigger they ship out is designed, manufactured, and assembled in their Arizona factory. Sure, if they farmed out some production to foreign countries profits might increase, however, pride and quality would plummet. Over time they would cease to be the best and that just wouldn’t do. Overwatch Precision backs up their claim with a full lifetime warranty, regardless of who owns the trigger, in today's world that is unprecedented. In designing their Overwatch trigger assemblies the words” status quo” doesn’t appear in their vocabulary. Instead, customer feedback and constant testing result in an ever-evolving product line that is designed to be the best available on the open market.