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RIFLESPEED manufactures some of the most innovative small-arms accessories on the market. They have designed a line of tool-free gas controls that provides the ability to adjust the amount of gas delivered to the operating system of both semi- and fully-automatic rifles.


The innovative fully modular adjustable gas-control system is the company’s signature product and can be set up to provide full or restricted gas flow for any compatible cartridge or firearm configuration. The design improves reliability and reduces cyclic rate while reducing recoil and system wear. Each gas control unit comes with two different size plungers so you can adjust your firearm for optimum performance. The company also caries full AR 11.5-, 12.5-, 14.5- and 16-inch upper assemblies with their gas control system installed as well as a full line of spare parts for the gas-control systems.

Company’s Mission

The company was founded as the result of intense love for liberty, the American way of life, and the belief that these ideals must be defended not just at home but around the world. The company believes that small arms in the hands of skilled and dedicated riflemen have always been the most fundamental defense tools since the birth of our nation.

What Makes RIFLESPEED so Special?

Because they use only the highest quality components they can find, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty against material and workmanship defects on all their products. Normal wear and tear on springs and plungers are excluded as both are designed as consumable components.