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San Tan Tactical (STT)

San Tan Tactical

When you look for a company with the thought that every part is the most important one, and there will be no compromise. Then you add in the belief that without premium customer service, there will be no customers. You are looking at a company like San Tan Tactical.

Superior Customer Service Set San Tan Tactical Apart From The Crowd

They believe that their future success depends upon the legacy of their past. That legacy is created with every new part they bring to life. Starting from their core, San Tan swore to sell only American made products. That meant they would only hire American craftsmen to machine their products on American made machines, using only material sourced from right here in the USA. Devotion to unparalleled quality and design drove San Tan Tactical to take the original Stoner into the 21st century.

Only a few years ago manufacturers began to take notice of the need to fill the left-handed shooter niche. Granted, that market is small as a pure group of shooters. However, any professional, combat-seasoned shooter knows the value of being able to fire with their off-hand. Considering that, the potential ambidextrous market gets much larger.

Attention To Details

The STT-15 lower receiver is ergonomically designed to fit the human hand, whether it be left or right. The mag release and bolt catch naturally fall under your digits. True, with practice, most shooters can learn to use any weapon. However, with the STT equipped AR, that learning curve is a short one.

Quickly the small details of an STT lower become large. The mag well is flared just enough so that mag swaps run out cleaner but not so much to get in the way. Additionally, San Tan Tactical designed a custom, honeycomb texture to go on the surface of their bolt catch and mag release. This attractive touch ensures positive engagement in any condition, even if you're wearing gloves.

Driving to be the best, STT machines their billet receivers to be lighter and stronger than any other on the open market. This drive caused STT to create an entirely new class of receiver. One for an entirely new class of shooter.