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Superlative Arms Profile and Proudcts

Superlative Arms

Superlative, it means that something is of the highest quality. If you’re going to use an adjective that strong, to describe a product you’d better be prepared to back up your claim. When you use it in your company name, you have to have something special. The folks at Superlative Arms are more than confident, they’re dead sure that the products they bring to the small arms market are unmatched in quality and performance.

What is Superlative Arms?

Superlative Arms LLC is a Florida based Manufacturer of advanced firearms components. They bring thirty years of experience manufacturing for the aerospace industry to the table when they came to play. That means they know the importance of producing quality components using the most advanced methods available.

What Does Superlative Arms Have to Offer?

Superlative’s energy is focused on producing a catalog of high-end parts for the AR-15 platform. Superlative Arms manufactures next-generation adjustable gas blocks with advanced features such as bleed off venting and an exclusive adjustment system that doesn’t foul and corrode like direct restriction set screws. Superlative Arms makes the components AR enthusiasts who are ready to bring their rifles into the 21st-century need. Wing Tactical is proud to present the Superlative Arms Piston Kit. This upgrade kit allows the user to convert a standard direct impingement AR-15 into a piston operated rifle without excessive modifications to the original system. We don’t just offer one Superlative Arms piston kit, we carry varieties of designs in different gas lengths, you will surely find one that fits the AR-15 you have. Unlike some manufacturers, Superlative doesn’t limit your choices.

Wing Tactical and Superlative Arms

Wing Tactical is proud to partner with Superlative Arms to bring you advanced AR-15 components like the Superlative Arms piston kit and adjustable gas block. Superlative products leave the competition pale by comparison. Choose Superlative Arms products from Wing Tactical and give yourself an edge.