• Smart hybrid construction, hardened steel, 6061 T-6 aluminum & high performance polymer composite
  • Four locking leg positions: 0, 45, 90, and 135 degrees
  • Adjustable rotating head with tilt and pan adjustments that can be locked down or released for quick target tracking
  • 60-degree pan movement with a spring loaded mechanism
  • 20-degree tilt movement
  • Push-button height adjustment
  • Leg height range of 7-inch to 10.25-Inch (height measured at the 90° leg position)
  • Quick leg height increase with a simple pull down of the leg extension
  • Quick leg height decrease with a push of a button
  • Rectangular shaped inner legs for enhanced stability & rigidity
  • Rubberized feet for secure surface grip
  • Quick & tool-less replacement of feet


  • Material: Polymer, Steel, and Aluminum
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 14.18 oz.
  • Height (from weapon to the ground):
    • Collapsed: ~7.16"
    • Extended: ~9.75"
  • Height (when folded): 1.74"
  • Width:
    • Folded: 3.38"
    • Deployed: 9.92"
  • Length (when folded): 8"


  • Any firearm with Picatinny forend


  • 1x FAB Defense Spike Precision Picatinny Bipod
  • 2x Leg Extensions


Whether you’re spending a day at your local shooting range or hunting for game, having a FAB defense bipod is a great idea. Gun enthusiasts of all experience levels understand that steadiness is key when you’re trying to hit your target. Having a FAB Defense SPIKE Precision Picatinny Bipod ensures that you’re lined up to take the best shot every time you squeeze the trigger.

Benefits of a FAB Defense SPIKE Precision Picatinny Bipod

Regardless of how proficient you are as a shooter, there’s always an opportunity to improve your accuracy, and that’s exactly what the FAB Defense SPIKE Precision Picatinny Bipod can do for you. Thanks to the sturdiness of the design and its compatibility with any gun with a Picatinny forend, it’s perfect for shooters of all experience levels, regardless of the firearm they use.

How the FAB Defense Bipod Enhances Your Shooting Experience

With the ability to set your bipod’s legs at 0, 45, 90, and 135 degrees, you’re in complete control of the angle of the shot you take. When you combine those angles with the rubber feet that ensure a secure grip on any surface that you’re resting the gun on, it’s easy to see why the FAB Defense SPIKE Precision Picatinny Bipod is a hit among firearm enthusiasts.

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