First Light TORQ LED Tac Flashlight

First Light TORQ LED Tac Flashlight

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MPN: 994036 / 994033-G / 994033-B


  • Superior ergonomics and a patented finger loop enhance handheld operation and provide unmatched compatibility with firearms
  • 320-degree rotating head
  • White light tactical strobe
  • TORQ: Flashing white/red/green safety beacon
  • TORQ LE: Flashing white/red/blue law enforcement safety beacon
  • Dimmable main LED white light and LED secondary lights
  • Removable/interchangeable side panels
  • Durable polymer construction
  • Secondary light color - red/green/blue
  • Tested to ANSI FL1 standard
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter

*The only difference between TORQ and TORQ LE is the safety beacon color. (TORQ LE has white/red/blue safety beacon which is intended for law enforcement use)


  • Material Proprietary: Polymer
  • Weight: 3.53 oz.
  • Dimension:
    • Length: 2.6"
    • Width: 1.4"
    • Height: 3.9"
  • Finish: Coyote Brown or Grey
  • Battery: Two AA batteries
  • Light Output: 155 lumens (Max)
  • Light Source: LED
  • Operation Temperatures: -20°F to 120°F
  • Runtime: 10 hours


  • 1x TORQ Tactical Flashlight
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • 1x Retention System Finger Loop
  • 1x Standard Side Panel
  • 1x Belt Clip Side Panel
  • 1x User Manual


At last, you can have a high-quality LED flashlight without needing a second mortgage to finance it. The First Light TORQ flashlight brings you entry level pricing along with top-end performance. This rugged model is built in the USA to your high standards. When you want a dependable tac light, your first thought should be the First Light TORQ tactical flashlight.

Flawless Function and Dependability Built in By Americans

Your new TORQ flashlight has been crafted by professionals here in the USA. The operational modes are both functional and elite bringing you just what you need to get the job done. Your First Light TORQ flashlight is ergonomically designed so the controls naturally lay where they belong. While lightweight, your tac light is made of a rugged polymer composite material for impeccable performance. Your TORQ flashlight is powered by readily available AA batteries so you won’t waste time searching for expensive power cells.

Versatility Is the Answer to Your Needs

Whether it’s in your support hand alongside your weapon or handsfree, the TORQ flashlight fills your world with perfect light. Your LED flashlight gives you the option of a MOLLE type tactical mount, a steel belt clip or even a tripod. This flashlights’ compact, ergonomic design is meant to be used without thought or hesitation. You will never regret having this tool at your disposal. Whether you ‘re in law enforcement or just changing a flat in the dark this LED flashlight will make a difference.

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