MPN: OM-T1-AB-IB / OM-T1-1/3-IB


  • Lightweight with reinforced structural integrity
  • Mounts to 1913 Picatinny rails
  • Ultra strong with built in recoil lugs
  • Precision Return to Zero mount
  • Available in Absolute Co-Witness Height and Lower 1/3 Height


  • Material: 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Finish: Type III Hardcoat Anodized (matte black)
  • Weight:
    • Absolute Co-Witness: 1.45 oz.
    • Lower 1/3: 1.41 oz.
  • Length: 1.95"
  • Width: 1.16"


  • Aimpoint T1 and T2
  • Holosun optics with turret cap battery


  • 1x SLR Rifleworks Aimpoint T1/T2 Mount
  • 2x Mounting Screws
  • 4x Optic Mounting Screws


Deciding to go with Aimpoint optics on your new build was a no-brainer. However, mounting your new glass requires some thought. You need a solid base to mate your components to your weapon. When you want the one of the best mounting solution on the market, choose the SLR Rifleworks Aimpoints T1 mount. It clamps onto a standard Picatinny rail and clings to your Aimpoint optics. This Aimpoint Micro T1 mount is a lightweight option that also mounts solidly on the rail. The rugged aluminum construction of these mounts will give you a lifetime of worry-free service.

Absolute Co-Witness Aimpoint T1 Mount

By mounting your optics on the same plane with your iron sights, your sight picture lines up faster. Using the absolute co-witness red dot makes this option a reality. You can quickly switch between optics or iron sights when the need arises. This SLR optic mount can serve as an Aimpoint T2 mount or an Aimpoint Micro T1 mount incorporates standard mounting height. This means you can fully appreciate the absolute co-witness red dot in action.

Is The Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Mount For Me

If you desire to clean up the sight picture through your glass going with the lower 1/3 co-witness mount is your best option. You mount your glass a bit higher and simply shift your line of sight higher or lower for target alignment. The SLR Aimpoint Micro T1 mount is the gold standard for mounting your Aimpoint T1 and T2 style optics. Choosing the absolute co-witness red dot or the lower 1/3 co-witness mount is a matter of your personal style and preference.

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