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SLR Rifleworks consistently raises the bar in the firearms sector with its unwavering focus on designing and producing top-notch AR-15 and pistol components. With an ear to the ground in the dynamic world of gunsmithing, they consistently adapt and refine their products to cater to both seasoned shooters and adept weapon technicians. Being deeply rooted in the firearms community, SLR Rifleworks guarantees each release is a blend of trailblazing design and unmatched quality.  

SLR Rifleworks - Designed and Made with American Pride

SLR Rifleworks makes its home in Winter Garden, Florida. Rooted in the heart of Central Florida, SLR Rifle is 100% American from drawing board to finished product. Since 2012, American design, materials, craftsmen, and pride have been the hallmark of SLR Rifleworks. SLR’s products are superior quality offerings in a market flooded with “good enough” parts that just don’t thrill most of us.

Cutting Edge Design and Manufacturing, and a Commitment to Quality

SLR Rifleworks prides itself on cutting-edge, precision design and manufacturing processes that produce a line of fresh, innovative components that bring new life to the firearms market. Nothing goes to market without thorough testing and inspection. As a result, SLR products are the cream of the crop components you’ve been looking for. You won’t have to be concerned with premature failure of SLR Rifle’s parts. They don’t allow inferior products to market. Period.

SLR Rifleworks AR-15

SLR Rifleworks at Wing Tactical

At Wing Tactical we don’t carry just any flavor of the month manufacture’s products. When we make a deal to distribute gun parts and accessories from any manufacturer, you know that the products we carry serve a real purpose. We pride ourselves on making quality, innovative products available to our consumers. We strive to provide these parts at price points that prove them to be a good value for our loyal consumers. We feel that the team at SLR Rifleworks shares our passion for bringing a great product to consumers at prices that won’t take supper off the table. We’re proud to count them among the Wing Tactical family of fine manufacturers. Together we strive to bring you all the best components for your money. Whether you're part of our Military brethren, the civilian law enforcement community, the competition circuit or just a private firearm enthusiast, SLR Rifle and Wing Tactical will bring you the parts you need and treat you right.