• Securely attaches to any single sling port
  • Enables rapid and effective operation
  • Suitable for use with main or secondary weapon
  • Designed for front chest & shoulder ready carry
  • Allows concealed & compact SBR carry under a jacket
  • Heavy duty flexible cord allows weapon to be instantly extended to firing position
  • Quick-release heavy duty buckle with additional safety port
  • Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth


  • Material: Nylon
  • Finish: Black or Flat Dark Earth
  • Width: 1.18"
  • Weight: 5.9 oz.


The FAB Defense bungee single-point sling is an adjustable heavy-duty elastic sling designed for optimal weapon handling, carrying comfort and offers multiple configuration options. The sling works with all firearms having single sling port attachment sites.

Improved Shooting Experience

The FAB Defense bungee single-point sling is suitable for use with all main and secondary weapons and enables rapid and effective operation. The sling is designed for both front chest and shoulder carry and can be used for either concealed or compact SBR carry under a coat or jacket.

High-Quality Material

The bungee single-point sling is made from a heavy-duty flexible nylon cord that allows you to bring your weapon easily and instantly into the firing position. The quick-release heavy-duty buckle has an additional safety port that is available in black and flat dark earth finishes. The sling with the buckle weighs in at just 5.9 ounces and has a horizontal profile of only 1.18 inches.

No-Hassle Installation

As with most weapon slings, the FAB Defense bungee single-point sling is literally a snap to install. The sling connects to most clip-on attachment points and typically does not require any special connectors or adapters.

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