• MOLLE compatible
  • Slingless retention system or as additional support in conjunction with sling
  • Dual mode locking system
  • Compatible with nearly any weapon system with a QD stud
  • Single hand operation
  • Two switches for left or right handed operation
  • Omni-directional retention
  • More controlled "Safe and Hang" than slings
  • Adjustable retention


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 5.3 oz.


  • MOLLE Vest


  • 1x Universal QD Holster
  • 1x Holster Base
  • 1X QD Stud Long
  • 1x Extra Switch Lever


Military operators, medics, and tactical law enforcement units have finally been blessed with the extra set of hands they need. The Strike Industries Advanced Retention System (SARS) is the advance in weapon retention system you’ve waited for. Using the SARS you can keep your weapon close at hand without it interfering with your movements as you tend to the wounded, restrain a suspect, or handle any other tasks that used to call for juggling your weapon. You no longer have to take the risk of laying your weapon down or getting a sling tangled in other equipment while you work.

What Is Strike Industries SARS

The Strike Industries Advanced Retention System mounts securely to your body armor or battle belt. A quick detach mounting stud fits onto your weapon and slides into the SARS base. Depending on your situation, you can leave the latch open for quick access in dicey situations, or lock your weapon in place, securing it to your person. In addition to the locking mechanism, a knob on the bottom of the mount allows the operator to adjust the swivel tension on the SARS. Your weapon is still easy for you to access, but it’s safe from hostiles.

Why Do I Need Strike Industries SARS

The SARS is handy for tactical operations. Instead of back slinging during maneuvers, you can lock your weapon in a side, chest, or back carry position. Pulling guard duty? Instead of having to hold your weapon for hours on end, hang it in the SARS and save muscle fatigue on your arms. Medics don't have to compromise themselves to provide aid. The SARS is a secure, easy to use and adjust weapon retention system that allows you to use your hands with freedom and security you’ve never had before. Be battle-ready with the Strike Industries Advanced Retention System.

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