Strike Industries 7-Position Advanced Receiver Extension

Strike Industries 7-Position Advanced Receiver Extension

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  • 7 positions; Mil-Spec diameter
  • Compatible with all standard AR-15 lower receivers
  • Allow user to finer adjust the length of pull
  • Scalloped surfaces decrease friction with thigh fitting stocks and reduced weight
  • Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Blue, and Red finish!


  • Material: 7075-T6Aluminum
  • Finish: Hard anodized
  • Length: 7.28"
  • Diameter: 1.145"
  • Weight: 3.4 oz.


  • AR-15 and AR-10


Strike Industries Advanced Receiver Extension



Are you frustrated with the length of pull for your AR-15’s fixed stock? Perhaps you feel that your ideal position is situated directly between two settings on your standard carbine buffer tube. If you feel this way, this 7-position AR-15 buffer tube is for you. Since it’s designed by Strike Industries, you can rest assured that it is of the highest quality.

An AR-15 buffer tube houses the recoil spring and the buffer itself. These components work together to cycle the action of your AR. Without them, your direct impingement AR would not be a semi-automatic weapon.

This new Advanced AR-15 Receiver Extension by Strike is a 7-position buffer tube. The shortest position the buffer tube can achieve will make it as short as a collapsed M4 carbine butt stock. If you choose to use it fully extended, the tube will extend the stock to a length slightly greater than that of an M-16A2 fixed buttstock. You can now achieve the ideal length of pull for your build with this 7-position buffer tube.

If you need a high-quality buffer tube to provide a more tailored experience with your black rifle, consider this 7-position buffer tube by Strike.

About Strike Industries:

Strike Industries has been producing high-quality parts for the AR platform since it first began in 2011. The CEO of the company is a Navy veteran and brings his knowledge of weapon systems to Strike Industries. If it’s made by Strike, you can rest assured that it will last you for many hours of use.

It’s a Mil-Spec Buffer Tube. How Is It Advanced?

The Strike Industries 7-Position Advanced Receiver Extension isn’t just another extruded Mil-Spec AR-15 Buffer Tube. Strike’s designers took the basic buffer tube and threw it over their shoulders before creating this beauty.

Advanced Materials:

They started with aircraft grade 7075-T6 aluminum. This higher-grade aluminum retains the lightweight characteristics of other aluminum AR-15 buffer tubes but has a lot more backbone than the 6061 you’ll see used by many other manufacturers. Finished Extensions are hard anodized. That give them a finish that resists the effects of abuse and corrosion, protecting your investment in harsh field conditions as well as from the occasional slip of a screwdriver on the bench.

Advanced Design:

The surfaces of this extension are scalloped, and while it looks awesome, it has a purpose beyond aesthetics. The scalloped surfaces reduce the friction and binding experienced when adjusting close fitting stocks and allow for weight savings while keeping the body of the tube strong. The reduced friction scalloped surfaces make it easy to move your buttstock and simple to keep track of which of the 7 positions you’re in and where you want to move to.

Wing Tactical is Here to Help

Whether you’re set on the Strike Industries 7-Position Advanced Receiver Extension, or you need help finding the perfect Mil-Spec Buffer tube for your AR-15, the customer service team at Wing Tactical is ready to help. Just reach out to us and we’ll help you with your selection. You’ll never be left hanging on the line while the person on the other end tries to figure out the difference between a Mil-Spec buffer tube and a Commercial buffer tube. Wing Tactical isn’t populated by refugees from mall stores. Our people know our products because we’re firearms people too.

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39 Reviews

  • Great buy

    Posted by Robert Kennedy on 29th Jul 2021

    Got the blue one and it looks great

  • Looks very nice

    Posted by Anthony Rolando on 21st Apr 2021

    I love how it looks, the threading did loose a little paint while installing the nut

  • beautiful receiver extension

    Posted by WeiKai Hung on 24th Jan 2021

    I chose the red receiver extension, beautiful with the Mette black chassis, plus a strike industries red castle. Together it forms a stylish ar 15. function well and I don't mind to sacrifice the first position of extension.

  • Great looking tub

    Posted by Shannon Carlton on 10th Jan 2021

    There's a lot of upgrades that should probably get your attention before a pretty buffer tub, but if you've reached that point, this is the best looking one I've seen.

  • Nice Piece

    Posted by Patrick Johnson on 7th Dec 2020

    Building a light weight AR 10. Using red parts to highlight. Looks AWESOME!

  • Awesome Look And Quality

    Posted by Combat Tuna on 24th Nov 2020

    This buffer tube exceeded my expectations, the construction is super solid, threads were extremely smooth, and the "cutout" details make an almost geometric look, which goes perfectly under the skeletonized stock I put on it for this build. All the position locks are solid, and the extra adjustability with the 7th slot makes it work even with the extended castle nut and endplate I used.

  • Strike Industries 7-Position Advanced Reciever Extension

    Posted by Jodie Wuollet on 22nd Nov 2020

    The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 was that it was very hard to thread into my lower, almost like the threads were not quite right. Love the extra position lock and crisp look it has.


    Posted by MYKOLA on 12th Aug 2020

    very good pipe, the only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is the noise it makes.I installed springs of different diameters and lengths, and in the end I had to buy a SRS buffer system that does not touch the walls, to remove the noise.

  • Wow

    Posted by Kenneth Hillman on 3rd May 2020

    Nice finish..nice fit.. nice design..worked great with my shooting innovations anti recoil buffer and Magpul CTR stock.. By far the nicest buffer tube if ever put on an AR..

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