MPN: SLA0660


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Phosphate
  • Loop Size: 1.25"


  • QD swivel socket


When you need a high quality quick detach (QD) sling swivel that fits the quick-release mounts on your weapon without forcing or making you worry if it’s secure or not, just gives the Spike’s Tactical Heavy Duty Push Button QD Sling Swivel a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Sling swivels can be pretty much an afterthought. That is until one lets you down. We don’t think it’s worth the chance with this little beauty ripe for the picking. Spike’s QD swivel is truly heavy duty. It’s got a lot more body than a lot of the competition, yet the push button operates easily, just a little pressure from the fingertip. You won’t need a tool to make this one work or anything to provide extra leverage or pressure when you want to remove it. That’s what the “Q” part of QD swivel is supposed to mean right? You want to be able to take the swivel off quickly and easily while still being able to rely on it to hold solidly. Some manufacturers just don’t seem to get it. Spike’s does.

You don’t want to take a chance on a QD sling swivel that might give out because it’s not up to the job. That’s a recipe for disaster. How much extra dirt does an unexpected trip to the ground add to that precision fitted, gas-operated system you spent so much time and money putting together? How about that expensive glass you’ve got mounted on the top rail? You can bet an unscheduled trip to a bed of rocks is going to make for an unpleasant experience there too. Don't risk it. Just use the Spike's Tactical Heavy Duty Push Button QD Sling Swivel and have confidence in the security of your equipment.

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