• Convertible from a single point to two point sling
  • Low IR signature
  • Ambidextrous
  • Lightweight


  • 1x Convertible Tactical Sling with the Quick Disconnect Triglide
  • 2x Heavy duty 1.25" swivel connectors


Today’s tactical weapons systems are all about flexibility. Since the modern operator works in a variety of locations and conditions, the rifles they carry need to be adaptable to different situations with minimal hassle. The same is true of the accessories we use to make carrying a weapon easier. Tactical Link knows how important adaptation is to you so they’ve introduced an AR Sling that features the flexibility you need. Whether you need a QD single point sling or a two point sling for your application, all you need is the Tactical Link Convertible QD Tactical Sling.

One Sling Does It 2 Ways

The Tactical Link Convertible Sling is the AR sling to choose whether you need a one point sling or a two point sling. The designers at Tactical Link have made it simple to switch this tactical sling from one carry mode to the other. If you need the extra stability offered by two point attachment the Tactical Link Convertible Sling for AR/M4 is a proven partner in the field, but that’s not the whole picture. When you want the convenience and easy movement of a single point sling, simply unhook the forward attachment and clip it to the Quick Detach Triglide on the back of the sling.

Simple, Effective, Secure

The Tactical Link QD Convertible Sling adapts as quickly as you do in the field without leaving dangling ends to get in your way or requiring you to fumble with hardware to get the right fit. Its intuitive ergonomics and ambidextrous design make it an easy choice when you need a comfortable, secure sling that works with you wherever you operate.

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