• Great Training Aid for live or dry fire drills
  • Bright blue anodize and engraving for clear identification
  • Durable, flexible TPU “primer” pocket for safe dry fire practice
  • Check cycle of operations of our firearms without the worry of accidental discharge
  • Makes a great chamber lock
  • Can be used as a magazine release tool for California Bullet Button


  • Material:
    • Body: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Primer Pocket: TPU
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight:
    • 9mm: 0.18 oz.
    • 40 S&W: 0.21 oz.
    • .223: 0.25 oz.
    • 12 GA: 1.69 oz.
  • Length:
    • 9mm: 1.16"
    • 40 S&W: 1.12"
    • .223: 2.25"
    • 12 GA: 2.25"


  • 9mm Model: 5x Dummy Rounds
  • 40 S&W Model: 5x Dummy Rounds
  • .223/5.56 Model: 2x Dummy Rounds
  • 12 Gauge Model: 2x Dummy Rounds





There’s no substitute for repetition. If you want to be faster and more precise than the next guy, you need practice. Whether you need to do simple manipulation reps or dry fire drills you need a quality training round. Most shooters only need a limited supply of non-functional ammunition, so it only makes sense to use a “snap-cap” capable round rather than a dummy that’s not safe to dry fire. Strike Industries offers a training round that’s just what the doctor ordered. The Strike Industries Aluminum Dummy Round is a precision machined training round with a polymer ”primer” that’s safe for dry firing.

Quality Billet Rounds

Strike Industries Aluminum Dummy Rounds are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. They’ll serve as a flawless substitute for live ammunition in manipulation drills, functionality tests and drills that require you to dry fire. Don’t worry about damaging that firing pin. Each round features a TPU primer plug to protect your equipment even with frequent use.

Available in 5.56, 9mm, .40 S&W, and 12 Gauge Dummy Rounds

Whether you’re using a tactical rifle or a sidearm you need a quality training round. If you need a 9mm, 40 S&W, 5.56, or 12 gauge Dummy Round Strike Industries puts the same attention to quality in each piece. Do your manipulation tests and drills, check your own stability and reactions with a ball and dummy drill. Whatever you need a quality training round for the Strike Industries Aluminum Dummy Round will do the trick reliably for a good long time.

No Snags, Just a Perfect Cycle Every Time

Strike's 9mm dummy rounds won't hang up your slide. These aren't cheap molded dummies that you have to spend time shaving make them run through your action smoothly. Cheap plastic 223 dummy rounds don't always feed or eject right and when they don't you're not going to get much work done. Skip the hassle and get the practice in so you can Strike First.

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