MPN: SI-DR-9mm / SI-DR-45ACP / SI-DR-556 / SI-DR-762-39 / SI-DR-308


  • Great Training Aid for live or dry fire drills
  • Check cycle of operations of our firearms without the worry of accidental discharge
  • Makes a great chamber lock
  • Can be worn as a key chain (Key ring included)


  • Material: Polymer


  • 5x Dummy Rounds
  • 1x Key Ring

Strike Industries Dummy Round


The avid shooter and armorer often need to run operations tests on firearms after doing repairs or changing out components. In many cases, it is helpful to have dummy rounds to run through the firearm’s ammunition system to assure that everything is functioning properly. Not all dummy rounds are created equal. Like all of their carefully designed products, Strike Industries has created their inert ammunition with real use in mind. Strike Industries Dummy Rounds are safe and cost effective inert rounds that simulate the use of loaded rounds in cycle operation testing as well as simulated firing situations.

These high-quality dummy rounds are safe “snap caps” providing a contact surface to protect your firing pin assembly during dry fire testing and exercises. Made of a durable polymer, these dummy rounds function properly when cycled through the appropriate caliber weapon system.

For those who wish to keep their speed and tactical skills sharp through repetition, Strike Industries Dummy Rounds are perfect. Practice full firing cycles, loading, unloading, and clearing malfunctions. Strike’s Dummy Rounds are safe to fire snap caps so you don’t have to pretend to pull the trigger, you can be sure your full sequence is dialed in right down to the final break.

Strike Industries Dummy Rounds are available in 556, 308, 762 x 36, as well as 45 ACP and 9mm caliber rounds so you can perform the tests you need with all of the most popular weapons systems. Each set of five rounds comes with a split ring which can be attached through the pre-formed hole in a dummy round to make it quickly accessible as a key chain.

Strike Industries brings innovation to often overlooked firearms products. Choose Strike Industries parts and accessories and rest assured your product is intended to excel under real world use.

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