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Based in Ventura, California, Agency Arms is one of the leading manufacturers of firearms and firearm accessories in the United States. Agency Arms was founded in 2015 by Michael Parks and his business partner, who had extensive careers in Military and Law Enforcement.

Prioritizing Functionality

Many companies that manufacture firearm accessories and parts fall into the trap of prioritizing aesthetics over functionality. However, coming from a tactical background, the founders of Agency Arms have first-hand knowledge of what works in a realistic combat environment and what doesn't. So, their mission is to put functionality first while maintaining some of the finest aesthetics in the business.

Quality Over Quantity

Unlike most aftermarket parts and services companies in the firearms industry, Agency Arms prioritizes perfecting the development of a small selection of products rather than having a massive catalog with no quality assurance. They focus on providing build services for more popular pistols like the Glocks, Sig P320s, and Smith and Wesson M&P Series pistols. They have also started working on Benelli Shotguns, particularly the Benelli M1 and M2.

Customization Services

The primary services that Agency Arms provides include slide cutting for optics, other slide modifications, frame modifications, ergonomic upgrades, and trigger tuning Jobs. Every service is performed by highly trained staff using state-of-the-art machining tools and materials.

In addition to these customization services, Agency Arms sells various Glocks parts ranging from modified slides and barrels to fine-tuned trigger kits and muzzle devices.

Agency Arms is among the country's best and most specialized manufacturers, and law enforcement officials and civilians widely use their products.