Best-Rated AR-15 Foregrips


Updated February 3, 2021

To understand what would be considered the best AR-15 foregrips, one must first understand the purpose of a forward grip. A hundred years ago in 1918, the Thompson Submachine gun appeared on the scene sporting a prominent angled forward grip. Its purpose in life was to give some modicum of control over the vertical rise the weapon developed during automatic fire. As well as, keeping the shooter’s hand away from the heated barrel caused by such rapid firing. In that instance, that particular forward grip was the best for the Thompson.


Which One Is the Best Foregrip For Me?

The question, which is the best, is rhetorical and argumentative. The real question is which one is the best for you. The real answer is that it is the foregrip you can use the best. Many are quite good and things to consider when deciding on which of the best AR-15 foregrips are for you are really very few.

Aesthetics that flow with the rifle and ergonomics to compliment your form are the two most important factors to bring into the equation. Its size and shape are largely determined by the length of hold and style of grip preferred. Just as important is your budget and what material from which the foregrip is made.


Benefits of Using AR-15 Foregrips

First and foremost is that a forward grip enhances control of the weapon and retention of said gun in a tussle. The best AR-15 tactical foregrips promote a natural aiming profile and enhance one’s instinctive shooting ability. By providing a permanent index point for the support hand, shot consistency will improve with practice. 

In retraining yourself to use a forward grip, the bad habit of using the magazine to hang onto can be broken. Many people grip the mag and while it may work short-term, eventually the excessive lateral pressure on the magazine will result in feeding problems.

Some of the best AR-15 tactical foregrips include features such as a bipod, monopod, or storage for small items. Having spare batteries, firing pins or perhaps even an entire bolt available could save your day. 


Top-Rated AR-15 Foregrips of 2021

Top AR-15 Foregrips 



Tyrant Designs HALO MiniVert Grip      Vertical Grip  $55.05
Daniel Defense Enhanced Vertical Foregrip  Vertical Grip  $28.00
Mission First Tactical React Folding Grip (RFG)      Vertical Grip  $31.99
RailScales RSB Vertical Grip  Vertical Grip  $119.00
Arisaka Defense M-LOK Vertical Grip Vertical Grip $30.00
F-1 Firearms M-LOK Skeletonized Angled Foregrip   Angled Grip $67.50
Fortis Shift KeyMod Short Angled Grip  Angled Grip  $66.45
Strike Industries LINK Curved Foregrip  Angled Grip  $35.95
Tyrant Designs MOD Foregrip  Angled Grip  $67.45
SLR Rifleworks M-LOK Barricade Handstop  Handstop  $28.49
Arisaka Defense Finger Stop  Handstop  $25.00
RailScales Karve-P Polymer Handstop  Handstop  $24.70
Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Handstop Handstop $13.95
Strike Industries LINK Hand Stop Kit Handstop $17.95


The Best AR-15 Vertical Foregrip

The military instituted the use of a vertical foregrip mainly for special forces due to the excessive rail clutter of their accessories. The best AR-15 vertical grip yields positive weapon control when rounding tight corners in a scenario such as clearing a room. During prolonged patrols, the vertical forward grip makes carrying the weapon a bit easier resulting in less fatigue.

Just as in the case of the Thompson, the vertical foregrip allows the shooter to position his hand away from a super-hot barrel. Truthfully, many shooters will not grab the vertical grip at all, unless firing full auto. Instead, it is simply used as a reference point and then the gun is gripped in a “C” type grip with the thumb around the barrel shroud.

Some of the top-rated AR-15 foregrips are adjustable. They are able to quickly transform from a vertical to an angled profile. At any rate, when you clamp the best AR-15 vertical foregrip to your weapon, it visually transforms into a tactical machine.


2021 Product Review: Top-Rated Vertical Foregrips

Tyrant Designs HALO MiniVert Grip

Price: $55.05

Tyrant Designs HALO MiniVert Grip 1Tyrant Designs HALO MiniVert Grip 2Tyrant Designs HALO MiniVert Grip 3Tyrant Designs HALO MiniVert Grip 4

Another of the top-rated AR-15 foregrips is to be found in the Tyrant Designs Halo MiniVert Grip. Tyrant put function first when they designed this durable, all aluminum vertical grip. It sports chamfered edges which deliver a very comfortable grip, even without gloves. The striking, skeletonized, futuristic profile lends itself well to a variety of grip options.

Furthermore, this ultra-light forward grip is available with both KeyMod and M-LOK hardware to securely attach it to your rail system of choice. Customizing your gun is made easier with a choice of colors meant to blend in or stand out from the crowd. Form and function come together in this forward grip.

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Daniel Defense Enhanced Vertical Foregrip

Price: $28.00

Daniel Defense Enhanced Vertical Foregrip 1Daniel Defense Enhanced Vertical Foregrip 2Daniel Defense Enhanced Vertical Foregrip 3Daniel Defense Enhanced Vertical Foregrip 4

Could this be considered the best AR-15 vertical grip for the price? Daniel Defense designed this enhanced vertical grip to bring high quality to the customer at a low price. This robust, textured vertical grip is constructed from tough polymer material with a rubber over-molding to improve your grip.

Attaching this grip to your existing Picatinny style rail is quick and simple and due to its polymer construction, it is light as a feather. The Daniel Defense foregrip brings a bit extra to the table in the way of storage. Its bottom is actually a threaded cap with rubber washers that provides a waterproof area large enough to keep an AA battery dry.

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Mission First Tactical React Folding Grip (RFG)

Price: $31.99

Mission First Tactical React Folding Grip (RFG) 1Mission First Tactical React Folding Grip (RFG) 2Mission First Tactical React Folding Grip (RFG) 3Mission First Tactical React Folding Grip (RFG) 4

Among the best AR-15 tactical foregrips on the market is produced by Mission First Tactical. Their React folding grip is an incredibly tough, critical addition to your weapon. It is both grooved and textured and provides a positive gripping surface even when wet.

With a single press of the release button, this vertical grip can be easily positioned to the front or rear in a horizontal attitude. This action transforms the once vertical grip into either a Handstop or barricade stop and allows for easy weapon storage when space is an issue.

The React folding grip features a watertight storage compartment with a battery tray to eliminate any rattle. The grips bottom is flat and forms a sturdy monopod type base to support an aided firing position.

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RailScales RSB Vertical Grip for KeyMod and M-LOK Systems

Price: $119.00


In work or play, the vertical grip is one of your most valuable options for firearm stability. The Railscales RSB solution for M-LOK and KeyMod systems can give you full control, whether you’re using it for competition or defense. Made of 6061 billet aluminum, this foregrip will be there to offer support when your hand and gun need it most.

With its COG Multi-Mount system that attaches to M-LOK or KeyMod forends, this ultralight foregrip can be installed quickly. Since it focuses on design and usability, this RailScales product looks and feels great on your gun thanks to its fine adjustment capabilities. 

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Arisaka Defense M-LOK Vertical Grip

Price: $30.00


Choosing the right foregrip is about finding a solution that both looks and feels right. When it comes to aluminum vertical grips, the Arisaka Defense grip offers the greatest durability and stability available. Complete with two M-LOK Lock Nuts and two screws, this product is ready to go as soon as it’s in your hands. All you need to do is install it and get out to the range!

The low profile vertical grip serves well as an anchor point, monopod and barricade stop. Whether you’re using your firearm as a mechanism of defense or doing target practice, this grip is always up to the task.

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The Best AR-15 Angled Foregrip

Growing in popularity among the top-rated AR-15 foregrips is the angled forward grip. Some shooters think of this as a new thing ironically it is one of the oldest. The angled forward grip won its stripes on the original Thompson about a hundred years ago.

The newer models are ergonomically designed with human physiology in mind. Allowing a more comfortable, natural placement of the support hand, the angled forward grip increases weapon control for many shooters. While it does require more space to mount on the rail the angled foregrip comes with benefits.

When the support hand is positioned closer to the bore of the rifle, the weapons center axis is brought better in line for the shooter. This positioning results in a more instinctive shooting posture for many, creating a smoother flow from one target to the next.

The angled grip presents a cleaner profile than its vertical brother. This makes it less likely to hang on gear or brush. Regardless of model, most people find that mounting the angled grip as far forward as possible on the rail yields maximum performance.

2020 Product Review: Top-Rated Angled Foregrips


F-1 Firearms M-LOK Skeletonized Angled Foregrip

Price: $67.50


There are times when beauty exists in simplicity, and that’s exactly what the Skeletonized Angled Foregrip offers. This foregrip is a strong, lightweight product designed to support your firearm while giving you better control. The grip is comfortable, easy to use and enhanced with aggressive bottom teeth and three QD sling swivel points.

Made with a strong aluminum body, this foregrip is tough in spite of its unassuming appearance. The angled design gives you optimal support so you feel confident each time you pull the trigger. You can order this Skeletonized Angled Foregrip with or without a paracord wrap.

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Fortis Shift Short Angled Grip

Price: $66.45

Fortis Shift KeyMod Short Angled Grip 1Fortis Shift KeyMod Short Angled Grip 2Fortis Shift KeyMod Short Angled Grip 3Fortis Shift KeyMod Short Angled Grip 4

Touted to be the best AR-15 angled foregrip on the market, the Fortis short angled grip brings its A-game. Like its larger cousin, it is machined from a solid 6061 T6 aluminum billet. With a flawless finish, Fortis makes form and fit mingle with function.

After easily and securely attaching to any M-LOK rail, this grip adds very little weight and a small footprint to your weapon. However, it does bring the speed that one needs for self-defense or fast-paced competition. Its design allows dual use of this angled grip as a handstop to bring versatility and options to the shooter.

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Strike Industries LINK Curved Foregrip

Price: $35.95

Strike Industries LINK Curved ForegripStrike Industries LINK Curved Foregrip 1Strike Industries LINK Curved Foregrip 2Strike Industries LINK Curved Foregrip 3

Strike Industries may have created their best AR-15 angled grip yet with LINK curved foregrip. This AFG uses Strikes patented LINK system, so it will make a solid, flush mount on either the KeyMod or M-LOK rail you likely already have.

Its cutting-edge innovative design allows the shooter to use this product as an AFG, a handstop, or a barricade stop. This product is machined from one solid piece of 6061 T6 billet aluminum and is engineered to allow for multiple options for gripping one's weapon. Certainly, this is one ultra-light AFG that delivers very high-quality at an unbelievably low price.

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Tyrant Designs MOD Foregrip

Price: $67.45

Tyrant Designs MOD ForegripTyrant Designs MOD Foregrip 1Tyrant Designs MOD Foregrip 2Tyrant Designs MOD Foregrip 3

Tyrant Designs bring their best AR-15 angled grip to the shooters in America with their radical, new MOD angled foregrip. So cutting edge is their design that the MOD grip looks like it would be at home in outer space. Tyrant has combined an extremely tough, super-light aluminum frame with a polymer inner strap. Turning out a nearly indestructible aluminum part with a comfortable, classic feel.

The hybrid design of the MOD angled foregrip is not only versatile in use, but in mounting options as well. Whether you run a KeyMod or an M-LOK rail system this Tyrant foregrip will mount up on it. Once again Tyrant Designs deliver top-notch perfection to enhance the shooting experience for everyone.

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The Best AR-15 Handstop

If you have to deploy on a multiple parameter mission, perhaps loading down your weapon with accessories is necessary. However, at some point, many people decide that enough is simply too much. If you are just casually plinking or even participating in the fast-paced, three-gun grip and rip competition scene, less is often more. Many shooters are stripping down to a minimalist weapons platform that simply will just get the job done.

More and more people are ditching the gadgets and only keeping what is necessary. The large foregrips have given way to a small, sleek, unobtrusive handstop. They accomplish the task of their larger cousins in allowing you to establish a solid index point for your support hand. At the same time taking up less space to do so.

Many models are able to provide the shooter either a forward or reverse grip, as well as serving as a barricade stop. In today's world of excess, perhaps the little handstop is all that one needs.


2020 Product Review: Top-Rated Handstop


SLR Rifleworks M-LOK Barricade Handstop

Price: $28.49

SLR Rifleworks M-LOK Barricade HandstopSLR Rifleworks M-LOK Barricade Handstop 1SLR Rifleworks M-LOK Barricade Handstop 2SLR Rifleworks M-LOK Barricade Handstop 3

If you’re thinking what is the best AR-15 handstop I can get you should think about SLR Rifleworks. They offer a super-light, durable handstop that is machined from solid aluminum. Hitting the market at a price nearly too good to be true.

This little handstop is secured to your weapon using the military approved M-LOK system. Put it into action under, or on either side of your weapon to use as not only a handstop but as an unbeatable barricade stop as well. This SLR handstop delivers optimal performance on a full-length rifle, SBR, or a pistol, bringing versatility and value every step of the way.

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Arisaka Defense Finger Stop

Price: $25.00

Arisaka Defense Finger StopArisaka Defense Finger Stop 1Arisaka Defense Finger Stop 2Arisaka Defense Finger Stop 3

Could the best AR-15 handstop actually be a finger stop? Well, stranger things have happened. Ariska presents an extremely small, super-light device that many shooters can’t live without. You literally will forget it’s there until your hand slides into place. However, your hand will stop at the Ariska and not keep going forward onto that hot barrel or muzzle device.

It’s spartan, solid aluminum frame mounts securely on either the KeyMod, M-LOK, or Picatinny rail system. It provides just enough to index on while still giving a solid base for use as a barricade stop. This handstop is built for speed and handling and is one of the least likely devices on your weapon to hang up on anything.

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RailScales Karve-P Polymer Handstop

Price: $24.70

RailScales Karve-P Polymer Handstop for M-LOK & KeyMod Rail 1RailScales Karve-P Polymer Handstop for M-LOK & KeyMod Rail 2RailScales Karve-P Polymer Handstop for M-LOK & KeyMod Rail 3RailScales Karve-P Polymer Handstop for M-LOK & KeyMod Rail 4

RailScales introduced the new Karve-P handstop as a lower cost option to their original Karve aluminum model. As the initial indicates, the Karve-P handstop is made out of a high-temp polymer that is frighteningly durable. RailScales took an old idea and melded it with innovative refinement.

The outcome is an affordable, lightweight handstop that can be mounted in either direction and on any side of the weapon that suits your fancy. By employing either the pull or push style of shooting you can easily drive your gun at will into the next target. You’ll have no issue mounting the Karve-P on the KeyMod or M-LOK rail system with the versatile mounting hardware RailScales provides.

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Strike Industries LINK Anchor Polymer Handstop

Price: $13.95


You need a hand stop that offers maximum comfort and control. The Anchor Polymer Handstop provides maximum comfort and versatility so you can enjoy a better grip every time you hold your gun. Lightweight and heat resistant, this grip is made to last while providing the ultimate shooting experience.

Why choose a fiber and polymer hand stop like this one? The main benefits are that it protects your hand against heat and offers a reversible design. It’s also compatible with both KeyMod and M-LOK systems. If you’re looking for the grip that gives you the perfect fit, this is just the solution you need.

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Strike Industries LINK Hand Stop Kit

Price: $17.95


Imagine owning a grip that offers toughness, comfort and flexibility all into one. That’s what the Strike Industries LINK Handstop Kit does, and it makes maintaining flawless control of your firearm much easier. Because it provides 20 different configurations, this hand stop kit can be anything you need it to be, including an angled foregrip, a barricade stop and more.

This kit works with KeyMod and M-LOK systems and comes with everything you need to build smart, versatile grip solutions. It’s also made to withstand almost any environment thanks to its durable, heat-resistant polymer design.

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Making Sense of It All

Several things must be taken into consideration before adding a forward grip to your arsenal. No, this isn’t as big of a deal as buying an entirely new gun, however, the wrong item is not money well spent. Certainly, your available budget deserves some thought. Sometimes a lower-priced part will actually serve your needs better than a more expensive one.

Next, decide on what you want to do with the gun. Different forward grips lend themselves better to certain shooting disciplines than others. You should get your hands on a number of different types of forward grips and see how they feel. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a state that still allows gun shows, they are a great venue to try out a lot of different designs.

Consider the accessories you’re going to need and the rail space that will be available. Size and weight are absolutely factors to bring into the equation. Perhaps the most important element is the state in which you live. I’ll not name names, however, a forward grip that’s perfectly legal in one state could become a crime to put on your gun in another.

So, decide what you need, dream about what you want, understand what’s legal and then, by all means, treat yourself. If you’re looking to add a foregrip on your AR handguard, take a look at the large number of foregrips Wing Tactical has to offer and pick out the one that’s right for your needs today. If you still can’t make up your mind, just contact us here at Wing Tactical.


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