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Blacklist Industries

Blacklist Industries made it's debut back in 2015. However, they're rapidly making a name for themselves in the shooting world. As a company, they show their respect for our active military, veterans, and law enforcement officers by offering a real discount for their service. Additionally, to all customers an unconditional lifetime warranty against defects in cosmetics, material, or craftsmanship. Quality products and stellar customer service are the cornerstones of their plan to stay around for a long time.

Roll Out The Barrels

The mainstay of Blacklist Industries is their lineup of quality performance Blacklist barrels. Initially, their focus was on Glock barrels. However, due to their reception, they now have spread out to the Smith & Wesson M&P market. Currently, the Blacklist Industries barrel is gaining respect and market share in both areas. The match-grade barrels are offered in a number of popular finishes including the popular gold TIN variant. Unlike most manufacturers, the price is the same regardless of which finish you choose. You will find most others demand a premium if the finish is anything other than black, that's not the case with a Blacklist Industries barrel.

Ready For More

Already their lineup includes some bolt carrier groups, magwells, pin, and spring kits, but they have more in the works. Right now you can get a Blacklist Industries barrel that's noticeably more accurate than the standard one, but then there's tomorrow. From a strong beginning and careful planning, Blacklist looks to broaden their manufacturing abilities. Today you may only be interested in Blacklist barrels or guide rods. However, one day they look to be offering complete weapons that are pretty much custom made right in Manning, South Carolina. Nobodies saying that if you run Blacklist components you will magically turn into an ace. But, you will have the tools to get there.