5 Gift Ideas for a Gun Owner

Posted by Frankie Chan on 10th Jan 2024

Two black and red gift boxes

Whether it’s a gift for the holidays, Father’s Day, a birthday, or just because, not everyone is easy to shop for. It’s not unusual to need some help when you’re shopping for gifts, even if it’s someone you know well. We all have one of those “They seem to have everything already” people in our lives.

The good news is there are plenty of great gift ideas for the gun owner in your life. Take a look at five solid options below.

1. Convertible Sling

two tactical slings

Buying firearm-related accessories is a great way to go when you’re shopping for the best gifts for gun owners. A marksman won’t ever turn down the opportunity to upgrade something like the sling they use for their AR rifle, or just have a backup. It’s what makes AR-15 slings a good choice for those in the market for gift ideas for a gun owner. There are a variety of styles designed for tactical as well as hunting needs, so consider what your recipient is most likely to need when you choose a sling.

2. Strike Selector Switch

Have you ever heard that the little details can make a big difference? When you’re on the hunt for great gift ideas for a gun owner, a safety selector is one of those options. A Strike selector switch is a great example that can add a little splash of color and style to a firearm, and it’s ambidextrous so you don’t need to worry about knowing if your recipient is left or right-handed. It’s a unique safety selector that is easier to use while improving the look at the same time.

3. Vertical Grip

Next up on our list of gift ideas for a gun owner is the vertical grip. Vertical grips are useful because they help with maintaining pressure on the handguard, making it easier to control the directional recoil that one may experience while firing.

A vertical grip is easy to install on any weapon with 1913 Picatinny rails or M-LOK slots. A gun owner will be able to put a vertical grip like this on their firearm so they can improve the grip they’re able to get on their gun and its overall ergonomics.

4. Angled Foregrip

If you would like to get a gift that is a little more advanced for a gun owner, something like an angled foregrip might work. It’s another fantastic option for those trying to track down gift ideas for a gun owner who could benefit from getting a better grip on their firearm.

The Strike Industries LINK Curved Foregrip is designed to work well with M-LOK and KeyMod rail systems, and it’s constructed out of a lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum that will make it very durable. It also has an ergonomic design that will make it possible for a gun owner to use an AR rifle while employing a variety of hand positions.

5. Dummy Rounds

Black Magpul dummy rounds

There are lots of gift ideas for a gun owner that will get a great reaction around the holidays without breaking the bank. Dummy rounds are a good example of this, as many gun owners will find that they’ll come in handy when they’re building firearms and testing them out. They cost less than 10 dollars, but that won’t make them any less valuable in the eyes of someone who loves modifying guns.

Dummy rounds, also referred to as snap caps, absorb the energy from the firing pin when you’re dry firing. It’s a safe and simple way to practice and get the feel for a weapon without going to the range or spending money on ammo.

At Wing Tactical, we carry all these accessories as well as other products that can serve as the best gifts for gun owners. Shop around for the sales on our site to see what you would like to buy for gun owners this holiday season.